Bret Michaels Is Designing Pet Products, Obviously

Does your dog not only think he's people, but think he's Bret Michaels? We have some good news, non-existent reader: PetSmart is launching a line of pet products specifically for you and your dog! The line will include dog beds, pet clothing, bowls, collars, and leashes designed by Bret. A company rep says, "Our pet… »10/03/11 11:50am10/03/11 11:50am


Charm School: Heather Sits On Her Throne, Calls Destiny A Slut

It was down to the final four on last night's episode of Charm School. Sadly, Heather — the former stripper who had Bret Michael's name tattooed on her neck and then failed to rock his world — was sent home after suffering some sort of breakdown. During one of the lessons, the girls were given pie charts broken down… »12/08/08 6:20pm12/08/08 6:20pm

Charm School: Jessica Bursts Into Tears Because Everyone Thinks She's Perfect

On last night's episode of Charm School, the girls were asked to examine why Kristy Jo and Jessica (arguably the most normal girls in the house) are still in the competition if they don't need improving, and to decide which one should be sent packing. So basically, they had to decide which one of them was less of a… »12/01/08 4:30pm12/01/08 4:30pm

Charm School: Women Get Wasted, Puke, Break Dishes, & Hock Loogies

Last night's episode of Charm School »11/24/08 7:00pm11/24/08 7:00pm was the most awesome display of unladylike, drunken behavior since on . The girls had a challenge in which they were given makeovers to look really ugly, and were then sent to a bar. Then all hell broke loose when they got back to the house. Brandi C. hocked the thickest, mucous-y…

Some Rock Of Love Girls Don't Know What "Décolletage" Means

On last night's episode of Charm School »11/10/08 6:00pm11/10/08 6:00pm, the former contestants were given an etiquette class so that they wouldn't slurp soup or forget to wear panties in front of their visitor, a duchess from England. (Actually, she was an actress a duchess from England.) The girls were given a set of rules to memorize and…

Charm School Girls Wear Their Favorite Outfits; Cleavage Ensues

It's safe to say that the women from the two seasons of Rock of Love »10/27/08 5:00pm10/27/08 5:00pm aren't exactly Coco Chanel. Most of them wear outfits that I've seen for sale on the Atlantic City boardwalk. On last night's episode of , the girls were told to wear their favorite outfits to their lesson, so they could get pointers on how to look…

Charm School Girls Take Issue With Being Called "Trailer Park" Or "Fat"

Charm School »10/20/08 6:00pm10/20/08 6:00pm is so much better than , because we don't have to pretend that the girls even give a crap Bret Michaels. Instead, we can just revel in their fake boobs, shitty extensions, and various shortcomings, as they try to determine who is the trashiest girl. On last night's episode, my personal fave from 1,…