How Much Would You Pay to Have Sex With a Robot?

Real Dolls are nothing new. Regardless of personal opinion, no one’s shocked by the realization that lifelike dolls which cost thousands exist for the sole purpose of being made love to until one of their artificial limbs break. But what if there were more than Real Dolls? What if someone invented a robot to fulfill… »4/16/15 10:25pm4/16/15 10:25pm

When 1 in 5 Men Have Abused Women, We Need New Statistics

Nearly one in five men admit to abusing their wives or girlfriends, which really makes you think, how many of those abusers do I know? With such a small number, what else do one in five people do? Refuse to wash their hands after peeing? Pick their nose in public? Be open to a sexual rendezvous with a robot? Real… »9/16/14 7:00pm9/16/14 7:00pm

Sex Writer Convinces Husband to Get a Robot Blowjob

Sex writers, on the surface, seem to have a great life. They write about the best, most pleasurable topic in human existence and seem to have an all around good time in the process. Not only that, but sometimes they get cool free shit to test out (vibrators, dildos, etc.) Then sometimes they have to ask their spouses… »7/17/14 12:20pm7/17/14 12:20pm