Meet the Creepy Lady Robot Who Will Now Help You at the Airport

Of all the things our airports need these days, more working bathrooms, better food options, and fewer epicly shitty delays would probably top the list. But rather than getting those things, those of us who live in New York are apparently instead getting an unsettling avatar who is designed to replace human customer… »5/22/12 11:00pm5/22/12 11:00pm

The Perfume-Spraying Robot That Tells You How Popular You Are Online

With our various electronic devices always pinging and beeping to notify us of various developments in the world, be it a "liked" Facebook status or a breaking news alert, you wouldn't think we'd need MORE ways to gauge how well-received we were online. And yet, apparently we do. That's why Benjamin Redford invented a… »5/15/12 5:15pm5/15/12 5:15pm

In the Future, We Will All Pay to Have Sex With Robots

When you sit and ponder what the future will be like, the first question that comes to your mind is almost definitely "Who will I be fucking?" Right? Well, maybe the question would be more accurately phrased as "What will I be fucking?" But no matter how you ask it, the answer is sex robots. Yes, in the future, we… »4/19/12 11:15am4/19/12 11:15am

CNN Contributor Learns the Hard Way that Mitt Romney Sex Jokes Are Never a Good Idea

On the scale of unpleasant things, this "just the tip" joke that CNN's Alex Castellanos managed to squeeze out of a discussion about Ann Romney campaigning for the Michigan primary falls somewhere between touching a hot pepper before rubbing your finger in your eye and walking in on your grandparents having sex.… »2/29/12 11:15pm2/29/12 11:15pm

Watch Mitt Romney Stone Cold Diss a Sick Man Who Asks Him About Medical Marijuana

If you thought Mitt Romney's quest to be the least compassionate human-like machine on the planet was new, you would be wrong. Here's an damning video of him from back in 2007 when a muscular dystrophy patient confronted then Governor Romney about his views on medical marijuana. The man, who is in a wheelchair,… »1/15/12 8:00pm1/15/12 8:00pm