Marc Jacobs President Thinks A Lot About His Newborn Baby's Weight

Marc Jacobs president Robert Duffy says his life has changed drastically since he and his husband Alex Cespedes adopted their daughter Victoria. He was home on a Friday night just days before the Marc Jacobs show, for one thing. Victoria, who will have the option of knowing her birth mother in later life if she so… »2/13/12 2:45pm2/13/12 2:45pm

Marc Jacobs Was The Only Fat Heroin Addict Robert Duffy Ever Knew

Robert Duffy and Marc Jacobs talked about their enduring business relationship with WSJ. magazine. Duffy said of Jacobs, with whom he's worked since 1984, "I don't know if you've ever known a heroin addict. He would eat cake, a whole wedding cake from a pastry shop. I would be like, 'You're the only fat heroin addict… »8/30/11 1:20pm8/30/11 1:20pm

Marc Jacobs Says Former Exec Perpetrated $20 Million Fraud

For more than five years, Marc Jacobs International says it was the victim of a $20 million fraud. More details are emerging in the lawsuit and countersuit between Marc Jacobs, his business partner of more than 25 years Robert Duffy, and their former chief operating officer Patrice Lataillade. Lataillade alleged in… »6/21/11 12:30pm6/21/11 12:30pm

Marc Jacobs President Allegedly Forced Employee To Pole Dance

Robert Duffy, Marc Jacobs' business partner of more than 25 years, has been sued by a former executive at the company who says that Duffy created a hostile and discriminatory work environment by directing subordinates to join him in watching porn on company time and "produc[ing] and disseminat[ing] a book that… »3/31/11 12:25pm3/31/11 12:25pm

Marc Jacobs: Starting His Show Two Hours Earlier Next Year*

  • You may not recall this inconsequential blip on the screen of recent fashion history, but chronically-late designer Marc Jacobs showed up more than two hours late for his September New York fashion show, and a handful of people were annoyed, and so now Marc has apparently thought up a solution: taking an earlier slot…
  • »12/06/07 11:30am12/06/07 11:30am