Flirty Frocks and Hideous Hose at the Elle Women in Television…

Last night at the Elle Women in Television Celebration held at Soho House in West Hollywood, the fashion was all over the place: Formal black feathers, vivid yellow fringe, a shiny metallic short suit. While many of the awesome ladies in attendance looked great, there were, as always a few misfires. Let's take a look. » 1/25/13 1:10pm 1/25/13 1:10pm

Tilda Returns As Face Of Pringle; Terry Richardson Says Sex Is Like A…

Pookie: The Magical Force That Bonded Tory Burch To The Misshapes

  • Who is Tory Burch's elusive 23-year old stepdaughter Pookie? On Mondays, Pookie interns for Bruce Weber, and the rest of the week she works as the assistant to the president of Carolina Herrera, and she was (allegedly) responsible for the magical pairing of New York's leading faux-WASP ice princess with Princess…
» 5/02/08 12:30pm 5/02/08 12:30pm

Is Nina Garcia's PR Company Using Interns To Promote Her Cause?

Though neither Elle nor publisher Hachette Filipacchi nor Nina Garcia will confirm Garcia's having been "let go" from the magazine last week, WWD reports that Garcia hired Rubenstein PR to speak for her. And! A little birdie tells us that Rubenstein has handed off some of the Garcia damage control work to its interns,… » 4/18/08 2:00pm 4/18/08 2:00pm

Nina Garcia And ELLE: In? Out? Or In?

  • You knew this already, but Project Runway judge/style tome author/ELLE fashion director Nina Garcia has parted ways with the magazine that made her. At least, ELLE has yet to tell anyone the rumors are false.
  • Our sources say Garcia came in Friday morning around the hour fashion people usually get to work Friday…
» 4/14/08 12:30pm 4/14/08 12:30pm

Makeover-Mad Ladymag Editors Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

We couldn't contain our perverse excitement when we read about a new makeover website called Taaz: Basically, you upload a photo and choose from different looks to try out...without ever having to enter a salon, medispa or plastic surgeon's office. But why would we want to make-over ourselves when we can make-over the… » 3/25/08 5:30pm 3/25/08 5:30pm

Tom Ford To Bequeath His Devastatingly Attractive Genes To A Baby?

  • Oh lord: Tom Ford is having a baby in 2008. It will be "biologically" his, not his partner Richard Buckley's. "I don't want to get to 75 years old and just have made a lot of dresses, done some houses." In the same interview: "I don't find a guy's cock or a woman's vagina offensive; in fact, I find them beautiful." So will …
» 3/10/08 11:30am 3/10/08 11:30am

Elle Editor Robbie Myers: "The Devil, Yes. I'm The Devil"

Anna Wintour she's not, but is Roberta "Robbie" Myers gunning for more name recognition? Not only is she rumored to be meeting with producers to become the next Nina Garcia, the Elle editor-in-chief (and former boss to our very own Jennifer Gerson) appeared on Larry King Live last night to tout the new issue of her… » 12/11/07 4:00pm 12/11/07 4:00pm

The Numbers Are In And 'Elle' Is In The Lead

Even pre-redesign (more on that Monday!), Elle magazine sure must be doing something right: Elle fared best amongst the magazines in its field for newsstand sales for the first part of 2007. Elle's figures went up by 9.1%, while Vogue saw only a 4.6% increase, Harper's Bazaar only increased its sales by 2.0%, and W » 8/10/07 5:00pm 8/10/07 5:00pm