Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Was Robbed at Machete-Point

He thought he was on vacation from all the usual battling that goes on in the Supreme Court, but little did Justice Stephen Breyer know, he was in for a much bigger fight. He and his wife, along with two other guests, were in their vacation home on the Caribbean island of Nevis last week when an intruder came in with… » 2/13/12 9:45pm 2/13/12 9:45pm

Novak Djokovic Fan Is Tragically Robbed of Her Chance to Fondle His…

So much for tennis fans being polite. Earlier today, Novak Djokovic beat Rafael Nadal in an epic match to win the Australian Open, which lasted nearly 6 hours—the longest Grand Slam singles final in history. He decided to celebrate by throwing one of his extra shirts up to a fan in the stands, but it didn't quite go… » 1/29/12 8:45pm 1/29/12 8:45pm

Police Suggest You Conduct Your Craigslist Transactions Down at the…

Police in Milwaukee are offering a unique service: they'll let you conduct your Craigslist transactions inside the police station, to prevent you from being robbed. Handy! The idea came about after a big uptick in robberies that occurred during the hand-off of goods sold on Craigslist. Police officer Lisa Staffold… » 1/25/12 12:05am 1/25/12 12:05am

Pregnant Shoplifter Attacks Store Employee With Hairspray She Was…

A pregnant woman in South Carolina was trying to lift a few things from a beauty supply store when one of the store's employees caught her red-handed. Rather than admit she was wrong and return the goods, Alexis Sade Hayes went on the attack. She hit the employee in the head with a can of hairspray she'd been… » 1/17/12 11:05pm 1/17/12 11:05pm

Tiny Little Monkey Returned Safely To Zoo After He Was Stolen

In a nice turn of events (for once!), last night an adorable squirrel monkey who'd been stolen from the San Francisco Zoo was returned to his owners unharmed after missing for two days. The monkey, whose name is Banana Sam (which might be the perfect monkey name) was "hungry, trembling and thirsty" when he was… » 1/01/12 6:30pm 1/01/12 6:30pm

Woman Draws Beard On Her Face To Rob Bank

After years of men using women's pantyhose during robberies, a woman has finally turned to masculine accouterment to disguise her identity — though everyone saw right through it. Witnesses say a woman who was dressed as a man and had a "drawn on" beard walked into a branch of the Bank of Tuscaloosa in Alabama, told… » 8/02/11 10:00am 8/02/11 10:00am