Democrats Could Save the World from Future Rob Schneider Movies

Eeeeee! There's almost nothing I love more than a totally ineffectual power-flounce, when someone announces that they're taking their ball and going home in order to "punish" people who didn't even want to play with them in the first place. And today's big flounce is even better than usual—actor, comedian, and noted … »10/01/13 8:30pm10/01/13 8:30pm

Kim Kardashian Will Bring Peace Milkshakes to Middle East

After being roundly chastised for having—I mean, I guess, kind of—an opinion of sorts on the Israel-Palestine conflict and Tweeting about it, Kim Kardashian is going to make it up to the people of the Middle East by visiting Kuwait and Bahrain, and she's "determined" to learn about the conflict. She is also planning… »11/20/12 9:00am11/20/12 9:00am

The Zohan Premiere: Starring Everyone You Kinda-Sorta Know, Looking Kinda-Sorta Good

The best of the B-list came out last night for the L.A. premiere of Adam Sandler's latest comedy, Don't Mess With The Zohan, and many of the not-quite-there stars showed off not-quite-there clothes. Yes, some of young Hollywood's lady up-and-comers - Anna Faris! Emmanuelle Chriqui! - pulled off luscious looks, but… »5/29/08 10:30am5/29/08 10:30am