Be Cool, Anglophiles: Kate Middleton Visited the Set of Downton Abbey

It's a big day for Anglophiles and aristocracy fetishists: Kate, Duchess of Cambridge (née Middleton), visited the set of Downton Abbey and met the cast, many of whom were (of course) in costume. » 3/12/15 12:30pm 3/12/15 12:30pm

Downton Abbey: Is Thomas Barrow a Top or a Bottom?

The Downton Abbey cast is on a New York press tour to promote the American premiere of the show's fourth season, making stops at The View and Watch What Happens Live, where the important questions are being asked, like whether Thomas, the irrepressible footman, is a pitcher or a catcher. » 12/11/13 12:10pm 12/11/13 12:10pm

Downton Abbey's Thomas Doesn't Understand Our Yankee Fascination with…

Thomas, Downton Abbey's dashing butler and dastardly villain, has done his share of terrible things what with his constant attempts to get Meeeehstah Baaaaayyyytes fired, his black market business ventures and all the gossip he swaps over courtyard cigarettes with O'Brien. Still, few of his actions have upset American… » 12/26/12 12:55pm 12/26/12 12:55pm