On the Road With Perfect Pussy: Cupcakes and Moon-Colored Guitars

In which six overgrown children cram into a van with one drum kit, seven suitcases, three guitars, three cabs, two heads, countless drum machines and pedals, four duffel bags of shirts, six boxes of records, a box of tapes, an unholy amount of ephemera (books, headphones, pillows, Game Boys, smelly shoes, crystals,…

Take A Hipster Pilgrimage Through Portlandia Filming Locations

Season 4 doesn’t arrive until early 2014, but the dream of Portlandia is alive in our hearts. ‘Cacao’ what you’re doing right now and enjoy this list of essential Portlandia filming locations: from the finest library for competitive hide-and-seekers, to the savage brunch lines of Fisherman’s Village, and more.