GOP Candidates Demand Debates Where They're Not Asked All Those Mean Questions

In the wake of a CNBC debate where the moderators very rudely asked questions of the GOP presidential candidates, those candidates are yelling at the Republican National Committee en masse, demanding more control over the next debate and fewer “gotcha” questions. Also, presumably more questions about just how each… »11/02/15 10:14am11/02/15 10:14am


Stephen Colbert Bravely Defends the Useless Art of Cursive

Recently, the Department of Education released a new set of common core standards that will no longer require schools to teach students how to write in cursive. Oh, no! Now how are precocious young girls supposed to portray accuracy when they stay up late writing old-timey plays as they pretend to be Jo from Little… »12/05/13 11:10am12/05/13 11:10am

Watch Politicians Get Thrown Off Script When Disabled Adults Interview Them

Politicians are completely full of it, especially during interviews with journalists, and especially during an election year. So what happens when a news team consisting of only developmentally disabled adults tries to get past the votemongering spin and to the truth? A new movie shares their eye-opening, hilarious,… »10/19/12 6:40pm10/19/12 6:40pm

Watch an RNC Staffer Awkwardly Propose to His Girlfriend

Public marriage proposals seem more like social hostage situations than romantic queries. "Will you marry me? Btw, if you say, ‘No,' all of these people will grind their teeth from the unrelenting awkwardness." With that in mind, try really hard not to squirm while you're watching RNC staffer Bradley Thompson pull… »8/30/12 10:25pm8/30/12 10:25pm

Sarah Palin Seems a Little Sad About Having Her Fox Interviews Cancelled

Just four years after Sarah Palin was summoned onto the stage of the Republican National Convention by the Norse god of mischief, the former Alaskan governor, has intimated that Fox News would rather that she not appear on television and grasp at relevance during the Republican National Convention. Bereft a more… »8/30/12 9:30am8/30/12 9:30am

The RNC Speaking Lineup Is Way More Diverse Than Republican Voters

Even though the Republican Party is more like a desiccated pea pod of anachronistic social angst about changing demographics, they can sure put on a half decent vaudeville show every four years, which, with some, er, exceptions, manages to cobble together enough support to make serious runs at our nation's highest… »8/29/12 10:25pm8/29/12 10:25pm

Ann Romney Does a Serviceable Oprah Impression, Doesn't Say Much About Mittens

So, at the end of Ann Romney's speech — which was billed, more less, like the moment in The Dark Knight when Harvey Dent holds a press conference to reveal the identity of Batman — we still don't know an awful lot about Mittens. The Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky, for example, thought the speech was "okay to good," but »8/29/12 12:10am8/29/12 12:10am

A Guide to the Ladies of the Republican National Convention

The 2008 Republican National Convention arguably belonged to Sarah Palin, who gave the speech that (thankfully) would later prove to be the apex of her political career while her daughter Piper (awesomely) styled her baby brother's hair by licking her hand and rubbing it on his head. Will the 2012 RNC have a similarly… »8/27/12 4:50pm8/27/12 4:50pm

The Right-Wing Evangelical ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ for Isaac’s Potential Targets

The cloud conglomerate known as Isaac is twist and shouting its way into the superheated waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the very same place that an ornery Old Testament god passed damning judgment on the lizard-people he'd created before people, some 6,550 years ago. It's no coincidence that Isaac will strike the very… »8/27/12 12:50pm8/27/12 12:50pm

Ann Romney's 'My Husband Isn't Terrible!' Speech Moved to Primetime

Woo! It's political convention season! Pancake stage makeup and suits in primary colors and televised political tough talk and speeches given by a candidate's non-political expert loved ones designed to show Americans that, if elected, the candidate's policies would be the equivalent of making gentle marital love to… »8/27/12 12:10pm8/27/12 12:10pm

James Carville’s Daughter Has a Great Plan for Showing-Up Cardinal Timothy Dolan

Catholic jack-o-lantern Timothy Dolan is all set to speak at the Republican National Convention/Stripper Pledge Drive next week in Tampa, that is, if God doesn't smite the entire event with a biblically-themed hurricane. Dolan, a noted asshole about gay marriage and women's health, has been scheduled to offer the… »8/26/12 3:00pm8/26/12 3:00pm

22-Year-Old Woman Tries to Talk Sense to Republican Party, Is Promptly Ignored

The youngest member of the GOP's Platform Committee is 22-year-old anti-abortion rights Rick Santorum delegate Jackie Curtiss. And, despite her questionable political allegiance, she has more sense in her little finger than the rest of the committee combined — while her older, more delusional colleagues yammer away… »8/22/12 6:40pm8/22/12 6:40pm