Police Officer Calls Brazilian Bus Gang Rape a 'Satisfaction' of Suspects' 'Lust'

Last Saturday, an American woman and her French male companion were trapped on a public van in Rio de Janiero by three men. For six hours, they beat both and raped the woman as the suspects took turns driving the van. Finally, the couple was taken to an ATM at the outskirts of town to withdraw money before being… » 4/01/13 11:30pm 4/01/13 11:30pm

She's The Lady In Red When Everyone Else Is Wearing Tan

Rio de Janeiro, Feb 19: A reveler takes part at the Banda de Ipanema carnival parade. Hundreds of people gathered Saturday during one of the many parades which take place in the city before the famed 'Carnival' which this year runs March. 4-8. Also, you now have the theme song from The Nanny stuck in your head. » 2/19/11 5:24pm 2/19/11 5:24pm