Lady Gaga Partied So Hard in Rio That She Got a Tattoo, Burned the City Down

Lady Gaga apparently had so much fun in Rio that she got a tattoo to commemorate her good times. Then, according to her Twitter account, she and her friends inexplicably burned the entire city to the ground. "Tonight, the love we made set Rio in Flames," tweet taunted Gaga. "I'll never forget that show Brazil. You Are… »11/11/12 11:30am11/11/12 11:30am


As Rio Gains Fashion Cred, Transgender Models Might Get Lost in the Shuffle

As part of its Fashion Week Internationale series, Vice has made a documentary that explores the various tensions that currently surround race, gender and body type in Rio de Janeiro's burgeoning fashion industry. As the city sits poised like an extremely fashionable ocelot to become the fifth of the preeminent… »9/14/12 6:15pm9/14/12 6:15pm