Tinashe Drops Tracks, Is Maybe Dating Calvin Harris. What Now, New World?

In the past 22 hours, we have emerged from Plato’s demonic cave only to discover that our true reality is constructed by schemers and scammers, and public relations specialists have established their primacy as our shadow government. Adding to the Calgon bath of tea in which we’re currently soaking to the point of…

Beyoncé, Rihanna, Alicia Keys & More Make Video to Promote Racial Justice

The We Are Here Movement is Alicia Keys’s initiative to counteract and raise awareness about various injustices around the world using, including income inequity and climate change, using the power of art and culture. Her latest campaign is a powerful video in which musicians and actors honor and memorialize some of…

Watch Taylor Swift, Lorde and Haim Lose Their Minds to Rihanna Performing at Coachella

Taylor Swift will never forget this moment—the time Rihanna joined Swift’s boyfriend Calvin Harris onstage at Coachella for “We Found Love,” and Swift was catapulted into total exultation with her friends Haim and Lorde and Camilla Cabello (Fifth Harmony!) and Serayah and maybe some other people from her ‘Chella squad


Rihanna Songs Turned Into Lullabies for Babies Are Actually Fire?

Most of the time when dumbed-down music is marketed towards babies, I find it pretty condescending to babies, who will one day grow into adults and will, at some point, have to overcome having had the disadvantage of being played baby music, as opposed to normal music like everyone else. This world is fucked enough as…