Christine O'Donnell To Open For Sarah Palin In Iowa [Updated]

Two ladies who are not doing much of anything lately in terms of actual political power would like the world to remember that they exist too, and that they were doing this far-right gaffe-happy brunette thing before a certain Minnesota congresswoman. Yes, Christine O'Donnell is the warm-up act for Sarah Palin's… » 8/30/11 2:00pm 8/30/11 2:00pm

'Baby Palins' Object To Being Associated With Palin

Conservative women are up in arms about a critical piece about them in Elle. But not because it essentially portrays them of being privileged hypocrites, but because a headline writer referred to them as "Baby Palins." Seriously. » 8/24/11 2:25pm 8/24/11 2:25pm

Alas, Michele Bachmann Is Probably Running For President

What the world really needs right now is a presidential candidacy from Michele Bachmann, who has been making major moves in that direction. You may recall Bachmann as presidential material from this crazy-eyes "response" to the State Of The Union. » 3/25/11 4:30pm 3/25/11 4:30pm

Teen Girl Has A Second Amendment Remedy For Assault

Regis Giles, 19, is "sick and tired of seeing defenseless girls being abducted in broad daylight by some fruity [?] freak who gets aroused by raping and abducting them." Her solution: A mass movement of girls with guns, galvanized by her website Girls Just Wanna Have Guns. » 2/21/11 10:03am 2/21/11 10:03am

On Christine O'Donnell Being "You," And Sarah Palin Being "President"

Cheer for the sanity of Delaware voters (so far): according to several polls, Christine O'Donnell dramatically trails her opponent. Still, as more evidence emerges that Sarah Palin wants to be president, it's worth rebutting that whole "I'm you" thing. » 10/06/10 6:05pm 10/06/10 6:05pm