Jimmy Fallon Barely Keeps It Together In Ricky Gervais 'Lip Flip' Bit

Ricky Gervais could barely keep his cackles together while participating in The Tonight Show segment "Lip Flip," which involves swapping lips with Jimmy Fallon. After Fallon says he'd like to see Gervais interview himself, the two proceed to trade loving, shady shots at each other. » 12/10/14 9:30am 12/10/14 9:30am

Ricky Gervais Broke My Heart

I'm mad at Ricky Gervais for a lot of things: for the monstrously dehumanizing way he talks about fat people; for lending his voice to the myopic throng railing against "political correctness"; and, most recently, for implying that Jennifer Lawrence—along with countless other women—is complicit in her own sexual… » 9/04/14 12:45pm 9/04/14 12:45pm

Some People Actually Liked President Obama's Suit

In today's Tweet Beat, Clinton Kelly expressing a dissenting opinion about President Obama's summer suit, (I too did not mind it—sue me) Ruben Studdard has a very short attention span and Ricky Gervais gets the party started. » 8/29/14 7:30pm 8/29/14 7:30pm

Amanda Bynes Insists Drug Den Pix Were Fake: 'Those Aren't My Toes!'

Amanda Bynes is threatening to sue In Touch for running "fake" photos of herself along with the exclusive interview she gave them: possibly part of a new game show called That's Not My Flophouse! Take my wife! Please! » 5/23/13 9:00am 5/23/13 9:00am

Megan Fox Will No Longer Strip Onscreen Now That She's a Mom

Although it certainly raises the question of precisely what kind of roles Megan Fox will get that involve keeping her clothes on, Megan Fox will be keeping her clothes on in movies for awhile so that her baby son Noah doesn't get teased about it when he gets older: » 12/07/12 9:00am 12/07/12 9:00am

Snooki Gets Emotional Over Hurricane Sandy: 'This Really Sucks'

In a promotional clip from MTV's special Restore the Shore, Snooki faces the destruction at Seaside Heights, the Jersey Shore crew's stomping grounds, for the first time. "Oh my god," she says. "This really sucks. The whole pier is just gone." » 11/14/12 8:00pm 11/14/12 8:00pm

Kanye West Creates Franken-Ring For Kim Kardashian Proposal

Picture, if you will, Kanye West swimming in a vault of precious stones a la Scrooge McDuck; after girlfriend Kim Kardashian's divorce from Kris Humphries is finalized, 'Ye apparently plans to propose with a one-of-a-kind ring made from his late mom Donda's personal jewelry collection. He visited a private jeweler… » 7/24/12 9:00am 7/24/12 9:00am

Angelina Jolie Thinks Brad Pitt Is Prettier Than She Is

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are both routinely referred to as some of the most beautiful people alive, but it seems Angelina has decided who takes first place out of the two of them. Last night at the CAA party after the Golden Globes, she was heard gushing to her man, "You're prettier than me." » 1/16/12 8:00pm 1/16/12 8:00pm

We all have our…

Ricky Gervais Arms Himself Against Beliebers

In today's Tweet Beat, no one will shut up about the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais gets protection, Uncle Jesse likes to french and the stars celebrate Martin Luther King Day.
» 1/16/12 7:30pm 1/16/12 7:30pm

Ricky Gervais to Go Into Globes With Guns Blazing, Hopefully Drunk

Next Sunday (January 15th) is the 69th Annual Golden Globes, though we probably don't have to tell a group of Globe Heads like you that— all year in the comments, it's like "Stop talking about Dominique Strauss-Kahn! I want to get my Globes on!" (Don't worry, we hear you.) Coming back as host is the… » 1/06/12 3:10pm 1/06/12 3:10pm

Don't Worry, Ricky Gervais Will Right Of All The Golden Globe…

Today in Tweet Beat, Ricky Gervais knows you're pissed about [insert your favorite movie/actor/TV series here] being snubbed. He's got a plan. Plus, Kate Walsh's sick bed, Modern Family's new director is pretty darn cute, and Kanye West comes back from his Twitter-hiatus by telling us the one thing he wants for… » 12/15/11 7:30pm 12/15/11 7:30pm

The Best Moments From The Emmy Telecast

Another year, another Emmys telecast. There were some great wins, some upsets, and Modern Family dominated pretty much everything. Whether you missed it or watched and just blacked out, here are all those noteworthy, "water cooler moments" you missed. » 9/19/11 10:00am 9/19/11 10:00am

It includes calling Rachel Maddow and her fannypack. Plus, …

London Hotel Has No Patience For Nicki Minaj's Tomfoolery

Nicki Minaj and her entourage were kicked out of a five-star hotel for causing a ruckus. What did they expect? Everybody knows she's a motherfucking monster. » 1/23/11 10:30am 1/23/11 10:30am

Saturday Night Social

Whew, we're done! No new Saturday Night Live this week, so you'll have to talk about some other show you're watching and loving these days. Oh, now don't have a Bitter Heart about it! » 1/22/11 8:00pm 1/22/11 8:00pm

Piers Morgan Producer Defends Absurd Condi Questions

Yes. Asking why comedian Ricky Gervais and his partner of 29 years aren't legally married is exactly the same thing! No. But hey, if Piers asks Ricky how to "woo" him, we'll take it all back. » 1/20/11 3:00pm 1/20/11 3:00pm

Kim Kardashian Speaks Out Against Teen Pregnancy

Oprah Says Teen Pregnancy Drove Her To Consider Suicide