Florida Governor/Voldemort Rick Scott: 'The Second Amendment Didn't Kill Anybody'

In an interview with CNN today, Florida Governor Rick Scott—an empty shell of a man so comically villainous that comparisons to Voldemort are unfair to Voldemort—defended Florida’s gun laws. In the interview, Scott was asked about President Obama’s speech where he challenged, “those who defend the easy accessibility…


Florida's First Lady Is Very Sorry She Read 10-Year-Olds a Book About Prostitutes 

Up until now, Florida First Lady Ann Scott has flown largely under the radar; her biggest faux pas has been being married to Rick Scott, the much-disliked governor of the worst state in America. But that changed on Thursday when she decided to read a classroom of Hillsborough County fifth-graders a classic novel…

On MSNBC, Rick Scott Just Really Can't Quite Say Whether Muslims 'Hate America' 

Florida Governor Rick Scott’s name is being bandied around as a possible vice presidential pick for your future president/sea sponge overlord Donald Trump. That’s possibly why Scott refused to say on MSNBC Thursday morning how he feels about Trump’s comments about Muslims. Florida: continuing to gift us only its best…

Charlie Crist Calls On Rick Scott Not to Defend FL Gay Marriage Ban

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist has penned an open letter calling on his successor, Rick Scott, not to defend the recently struck down state ban on same-sex marriage. In the letter, Crist points to his own actions after a district court of appeals struck down the state's gay and lesbian adoption ban.