Can Amy Adams Pull Off Janis Joplin Biopic? Lee Daniels Thinks So

A Janis Joplin biopic that's been on the books for almost a decade now — and been considered as a vehicle for damn near every under-40 actress out there — is finally looking more concrete. Lee Daniels will direct as his follow-up to The Butler, and he's cast Amy Adams as the lead. She seems a bit ethereal for it, but… » 8/24/13 12:00pm 8/24/13 12:00pm

The One Hot Guy on Girls Quits Because He Can't Stand Lena Dunham

Say goodbye to sadsacky-turned-sexier Zuckerbergian Charlie, Marnie's (Allison Williams') chewtoy on Girls (have you guys even heard of this show? Because like NOBODY talks about it). Actor Christopher Abbott and the Prince mustache he sports in his downtime have "abruptly" departed from the HBO show shortly after … » 4/04/13 9:00am 4/04/13 9:00am

Nicole Scherzinger Wants You To Know Her Lips Were Near Chris Brown's…

A blurry, dark shot of Nicole Scherzinger and Chris Brown at Supperclub in Hollywood (but could very well be any two face-touching alien-like blobs) has given everyone the idea that the X-Factor judge and former Pussycat Doll was kissing Brown, who is currently on a break from girlfriend Karrueche Tran. A sketchy… » 9/27/12 9:00am 9/27/12 9:00am

Beyoncé Drops a Hint About the Origins of Blue Ivy's Name (And It's…

Beyonce recently posted an excerpt from Rebecca Solnit's A Field Guide to Getting Lost on her Tumblr. "The world is blue at its edges and in its depths," the passage reads. "This blue is the light that got lost." The Atlantic Wire speculates that Solnit's prose might be the inspiration for baby Blue Ivy's name: "If A… » 6/12/12 8:30pm 6/12/12 8:30pm

Naomi Campbell Nails Down A Date With Justice

Richie Sambora's Clothing Line As Tacky As Expected; Sketch Of…

Fans Walk Out On Whitney; The Dog Whisperer Divorces; Richards &…

Angelina's Old Modeling Pictures For Sale; Media Piles Onto Richardson…

Oprah Grills Denise Richards About Charlie Sheen, Richie Sambora

Today, Denise Richards appeared on Oprah to "break her silence" about her nasty divorce from Charlie Sheen and subsequent relationship with her former friend's ex-husband. Apparently, her reality show and Larry King Live interview counts as silence? » 1/26/10 8:00pm 1/26/10 8:00pm

Lohan Leaks Gosselin Call; John & Gerard Bond Over Womanizing

Loose Lips

Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora are totes the new the new Bruce and Demi » 11/24/08 5:40pm 11/24/08 5:40pm: even though they're divorced, they're having Thanksgiving together along with their daughter Ava and Locklear's boyfriend Jack Wagner. • They're no Speidi, but Jason Lee and his longtime girlfriend Ceren Alkac are also . The couple has a…

Loose Lips

RuPaul will host a drag queen reality competition on Logo called RuPaul's Drag Race. Let the vogue-ing begin! • Contrary to this morning's rumors, Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson are definitely dunzo. Now reps are still denying the fissure, though. Soooo whatever. •Denise Richards is "speaking out" about her… » 5/15/08 11:45am 5/15/08 11:45am

Nicole Kidman Campaigns On Behalf Of Women Around The World

Lindsay Lohan & Sam Ronson: Living Together?

Angelina's Unborn Kids Already Making Money

Loose Lips

Robin Williams is divorcing his wife of almost 20 years, Marsha Garces. The pair is citing irreconcilable differences. • Richie Sambora's 10-year-old daughter by Heather Locklear, Ava, was allegedly in the car last night when he was arrested for a DUI. For shame, dude, for shame. • Jamie Lynn Spears: def engaged. Baby… » 3/26/08 5:40pm 3/26/08 5:40pm

Is Anyone Surprised That Anne Heche Is Still Crazy?