​Liam Hemsworth and Jimmy Fallon Traipse About in High Heels

Jimmy Fallon seems to have the magic touch when it comes to getting celebrities to do absolutely outrageous things. For example, getting Hunger Games hunk Liam Hemsworth to throw on a pair of veritable FMPs and try them out. »11/16/14 11:46am11/16/14 11:46am

' friends are very concerned about him because he has pretty much been M.I.A. since…

Richard Simmons' New Music Video Is the Stuff of Nightmares

Richard Simmons never ever strays from being completely and totally himself, even when he's supposed to be acting. So his new song and music video entitled "Hair Do" must be just another facet on his personal prism. But what a facet it is. Part workout video, part actual music video, the song includes the line "Vidal… »8/23/13 5:20pm8/23/13 5:20pm

Here's Richard Simmons Going Off the Rails on Live TV This Morning

Richard Simmons was on Access Hollywood Live this morning, and as usual, he was a roller-coaster of emotions and moods. Things started out animated, energetic, wacky: He did an "Indian" accent and also put a bowl on his head (while making some kind of jokey face). But he hates when he's not the center of attention.… »2/26/13 1:50pm2/26/13 1:50pm

Les Mis Director 'Begged' Anne Hathaway to Stop Losing Weight

I realized the other day that 100% of my familiarity with Les Mis comes from Joey Potter squirming through "On My Own" at the talent show or fundraiser or whatever-TF it was on Dawson's Creek (seez 1 ep 12, bitchez!). But I am intrigued by the film (not saying I'm going to see it, just saying I'm intrigued), and the… »12/28/12 8:00pm12/28/12 8:00pm

Sweat Til Your Underpants Are Wet: Take an Exercise Class With Richard Simmons

If you live in Los Angeles, did you know that you can take an exercise class from the 64-year-old pixie stick who's had a livelong love affair with movement? Yes, it's true, and I know this because, well, look at the link I just posted, and also, a few years ago two of my best friends went without me and I haven't… »11/28/12 9:30am11/28/12 9:30am

Girl Finds Treasure In Richard Simmons Tape • Polar Bear Finally Moved Out Of Moat

• An 11-year-old girl in Hawaii found $1,000 hidden in a Richard Simmons tape »10/30/08 5:30pm10/30/08 5:30pm while she was browsing through videos at a thrift store, which she immediately gave to the store manager. • A six-foot tall Lego man has Brighton Beach in England. • South Korea's highest court an adultery law on Thursday that can send…

Gavin McInnes Hassles Interviews Richard Simmons At Netflix Movie Championship

Netflix held a contest in Times Square this week in which a group of contestants had to watch movies for five days straight, without sleeping or taking their eyes off the screen for a chance to win $10,000. Gavin McInnes »10/09/08 5:00pm10/09/08 5:00pm — Jezebel's friend, who we — hosted the event. You can read all about the experience . (Susan…

Richard Simmons Makes David Letterman Uncomfortable, Hilarity Ensues

Richard Simmons and his glistening legs were on the Late Show with David Letterman last night to talk about fitness and dieting and obese children or whatever. In a dangerously-too-flirty banter, Letterman strayed off topic and openly mocked Simmons' clothes and moist gams, which noticeably ruffled his feathers. But… »10/17/07 12:00pm10/17/07 12:00pm