Flattery Will Get You Nowhere With Veteran Reporter Helen Thomas

Rory Kennedy's documentary about longtime White House correspondent Helen Thomas, Thank You, Mr. President »8/19/08 12:00pm8/19/08 12:00pm, , and Thomas glowed as the thoughtful, intelligent woman she's widely known to be. Here, she's discussing an interaction with President Richard Nixon during a press conference in the thick of the Watergate…

Airport Sedition: The Surge Isn't Working And Neither Is John McCain's Common Sense

I'm chilling out at Frankfurt Airport, desperately trying not to eavesdrop on any of the completely uninteresting conversations going on around me or gag from the smells of weird German lunch meats wafting up from the group of old people eating behind me. Luckily I have the redesigned Washington Independent's … »7/16/08 10:00am7/16/08 10:00am