Urban Outfitters, the Go-To Retailer for All Your Romney Campaign Gear

This election cycle, Urban Outfitters is selling a variety of ("ironic") Mitt Romney t-shirts, in case you feel the need to broadcast your affinity for the MittBott3000 and his policies with a screen-printed rebus of an oven mitt. The chain also offers a couple Ron Paul styles ("Legalize Everything" — except… »6/01/12 12:40pm6/01/12 12:40pm


One Million Moms in Danger of Crushing Their Pearls Over Urban Outfitters Catalogue

Having failed to dislodge Ellen DeGeneres from her gig as JCPenney's pitchwoman, the hyperbolic organization known as One Million Moms has trained its wagging fingers on Urban Outfitters, whose latest catalogue features two women awkwardly kissing on only the second page. The Moms, predictably are outraged that the… »4/16/12 9:00pm4/16/12 9:00pm

Miley Cyrus Bashes Urban Outfitters For Knock-Offs And Anti-Gay Politics

Well, this is unexpected and refreshing! Miley Cyrus got all het up on the Twitter about...Urban Outfitters. "Not only do they steal from artists," she wrote in an update tagged #SHADYASHELL, "but every time you give them money you help finance a campaign against gay equality." Could the singer have been referring to … »5/27/11 1:15pm5/27/11 1:15pm