Richard Cohen, Worst Columnist Alive, Asks Where 'Real Men' of UVA Are

Richard Cohen, the Washington Post opinion writer who can usually be counted on to take the dumbest, most odious possible stance on any issue, is, thank God, against gang rape. This is mildly surprising, considering that his previous greatest hits include arguing that New York mayor Bill de Blasio's interracial family »11/25/14 10:30am11/25/14 10:30am


While Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen has spent much of his time as of late offending people

While Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen has spent much of his time as of late offending people, perhaps he's found an opportunity to redeem himself. Described by the New York Post as Nora Ephron's "longtime friend," Cohen has apparently been given the blessing from her family to write the biography of her life.… »12/09/13 10:50am12/09/13 10:50am

Angel Haze Destroys Richard Cohen's 'Miley Cyrus, Steubenville' Op-Ed

Remember how Washington Post lecher Richard Cohen took it upon himself to link Miley Cyrus's gif-spawning performance at the VMAs to the Steubenville rape case, because someone needed to light the moral gas lamp and totter around the WaPo's op-ed page, grasping at sensationalistic straws? Well, rapper Angel Haze »9/07/13 11:15am9/07/13 11:15am

Confused Old Man Theorizes That Twerking Causes Rape

Sorry to burst your long weekend bubble, culture denizens, but tired opinions on Miley Cyrus's dance at the VMA's and What It Means For Women/White People Doing Music/Butts are still filtering in over a week later. The latest late train to pull up to the station is special, though; not only is Richard Cohen's latest… »9/03/13 2:00pm9/03/13 2:00pm

I Have A Crush On Vanity Fair's Vow To Vanquish The "Man Crush"

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen is one of those guys who did some drug in the sixties that left him with a permanently enlarged Id. (Also: Does it sometime seem like former hippies who still have all their hair also retained their wholly undeserved level arrogance of their youths?) Anyway I never really paid… »6/25/08 12:30pm6/25/08 12:30pm

It's The Ten Year Anniversary Of History's Most Famous Fellatio: What Have We Learned From Monicagate?

It's been a decade since the cheerful, porcelain-skinned visage of Monica Lewinsky entered the collective consciousness. For those of you living on Venus or in middle school, Lewinsky was the intern who almost brought down Bill Clinton's presidency when her "affair" with him became public during Paula Jones's sexual… »1/18/08 9:30am1/18/08 9:30am