The Difference Between "Good" & "Bad" Girls, According To One Idiot

I almost feel bad picking on Marie Claire dating blogger Rich Santos because even though he's the magazine's resident expert on women, I'm beginning to think he never gets laid. And normally I would just think that was a shame, but in this instance, it's actually pathetic. I mean, the title of his column is "Sex and… » 3/08/11 11:20am 3/08/11 11:20am

Marie Claire Dating Blogger Leaves Us Speechless

Recently, Marie Claire dating blogger and occasional Jezebel target Rich Santos e-mailed me with an intriguing (though naive) offer: Taking one of us out on a date to prove he is not "an ignorant beast." » 1/14/09 3:20pm 1/14/09 3:20pm

Dear Marie Claire Dude Blogger, Please Make Us Your Wing-Women

Dear Marie Claire » 10/24/08 5:40pm 10/24/08 5:40pm Blogger , We loved your recent post, in which you mention your need for a wing-woman, someone capable of "managing my public relations by putting me in a great light." You're so charming, from your fresh, unstereotypical observations in to your , that we can't imagine why you can't get women on…
We were going to get all pissy about the inane Marie Claire » 9/09/08 11:20am 9/09/08 11:20am dating blogger, Rich Santos, who says he has a crush on Sarah Palin because he's immature and she would "provide the kind of structure I need," but then he writes this: "Remember when I said I was too lazy to thrust my hips during sex?" Yeah. []