'Rich Private School Kids' Snapchat Offers New Batch of Kids to Hate

I don't think teens are awful, I really don't. Sure, I hated them when I was one and I'm afraid of them now (they travel in such big groups), but I've read enough Rookie and encountered enough brilliant 13-19 year-olds to know that there are some really wonderful teen minds out there. Today, unfortunately, we're… »7/02/14 5:15pm7/02/14 5:15pm

Rich Kids' Excessive, Obnoxious Tweets Are Super Helpful to People Who Want to Rob Them

If you're like me, the first time you saw the blog Rich Kids of Instagram, you decided you wanted to stop being a human for awhile, at least until the current gilded age blows over. But, annoyed salt-of-the-earth types with a petty streak, take heart: turns out, all that social network swapping of pictures of gold… »8/14/12 1:30pm8/14/12 1:30pm