Oprah's Long History Of Sketchy "Experts" And Endorsements

With the news that Dr. Melvin Levine—who appeared on Oprah repeatedly over the course of several years as a childhood education expert—committed suicide on Friday, the same day that 40 of his former patients filed a medical malpractice and sexual abuse suit against him, it raises the question of whether O is doing… » 2/21/11 6:00pm 2/21/11 6:00pm

The Secret Is Now The Power

Bestselling author Rhonda Byrne is at it again! Says USA Today, "The Power, like The Secret, is a guide to positive thinking, how 'everyone is meant to have an amazing life.'" And, like The Secret, it's presumably pseudoscientific malarkey! » 7/13/10 5:28pm 7/13/10 5:28pm