Say Goodbye to Revenge and These Shows and Movies Netflix is Dropping…

You better schedule your guilty pleasure viewing party of Batman and Robin over fast because you'll only be able to giggle at George Clooney's nipples on Netflix much longer. » 1/21/15 9:45pm 1/21/15 9:45pm

This Is What It's Like to Receive a Package of Glitter

Still don't believe that glitter is the worst substance known to man? If so, I implore you to watch the above video that shows only a little glimpse of what it's like for someone to receive a tube of glitter unexpectedly. One *pop,* one "fuck" and one whole day/week/month ruined. » 1/19/15 12:00pm 1/19/15 12:00pm

Don't glitter, please. No one deserves…

Frustrated Couple Fills Box Full of Poop for Present-Pilfering Thief

As Christmas rushes ever closer, more and more people are getting anxious about their holiday packages. Is it the mail that's slow this year or are presents being stolen, wonders everyone who hasn't received their package from Amazon Prime. And one couple, whose mail woes really was caused by thieves decided to take… » 12/11/14 4:30pm 12/11/14 4:30pm

Formerly Bullied Woman Proves That Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold

Imagine the following: You're a girl who's been bullied for three years by a boy and his friends. You starve yourself because they call you fat and ugly. As an adult, you've transformed into a fairly attractive person and run into the bully, who then asks you out. What would you do? Louisa Manning went for revenge. » 12/09/14 8:45pm 12/09/14 8:45pm

Man Gropes Off-Duty Deputy U.S. Marshal, Gets Kicked in the Dick

19-year-old Robert Flynn of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania thought he was out for a run-of-the-mill sexual assault when he accosted a female jogger by groping her and pulling down her running shorts, but, as it goes, things don't always proceed as planned — especially when the woman you're attacking happens to be a Deputy… » 9/05/14 12:50pm 9/05/14 12:50pm

Awesome Woman Scares Groper So Badly He Craps His Pants

Today's heart(and pants)warming story of sweet payback for someone who really had it coming is brought to you by The Muppet Movie, the internet, and one petite but brave Boston lady who likes to practice making scary monster voices in her spare time. » 6/04/14 4:45pm 6/04/14 4:45pm

Bullied Teen Gives Tormentors Allegedly Semen-Laced Cupcakes

We all enjoy a story of an underdog overcoming some bullies, but a California teen has taken bully prank-revenge to the next level. The high school sophomore girl brought in seemingly innocuous cupcakes she baked herself and passed them out to her bullies. But her peers soon realized something was up because the… » 5/04/14 1:45pm 5/04/14 1:45pm

Tell Us Your Delicious Tales of Sweet Revenge

Welcome to Pissing Contest, a weekly story sharing circle for the the ass-draggiest time of the afternoon on the ass-draggiest time of the last day between you and the weekend. Every week, we'll ask a question, you'll share stories, and we'll pick a winner that's featured in the next week's post. It's like a pyramid… » 4/04/14 4:45pm 4/04/14 4:45pm

Unhinged Ex Girlfriend's Viral Blog Was Actually A Marketing Hoax

Classic American love story: Boy meets girl. Boy cheats on girl. Girl discovers infidelity. Girl goes batshit crazy, taking out full page ads in college newspaper and starting whole tumblr about it. Boy grovels. Girl vows continued revenge. Girl turns out to be an invention of a record company promoting a new *bItChEs… » 1/31/14 7:00pm 1/31/14 7:00pm

In Act of Desperation, Abercrombie Will Now Sell Plus-Sized Stuff

Let us take a moment to throw back our heads and cackle with full-throated, schadenfreude-infused mirth: Abercrombie & Fitch, that floundering mess of a company whose corporate strategy can best be summed up as "Extremely thin hotties only (no fat people allowed)," is now introducing larger sizes for women because… » 11/07/13 5:40pm 11/07/13 5:40pm

Juarez Rape-Avenging Vigilante Calls Herself 'Diana the Hunter'

A woman calling herself "Diana the Hunter" is claiming responsibility for the deaths of two male bus drivers in northern Mexico. According to messages she's sent to the media, all that murder isn't for naught— it's to avenge the rape and murders of hundreds of women in Ciudad Juarez. » 9/04/13 1:10pm 9/04/13 1:10pm

Here's the Man Who Body-Shames Women for the National Enquirer

It turns out that the really super mean horrible copy criticizing women's appearances in the National Enquirer—namely, the tabloid's semi-annual cover stories dedicated to the "WORST Beach Bodies" and "Plastic Surgery Nightmares"—are mostly written by one guy. Naturally, I was dying to know what the authority on… » 6/10/13 1:30pm 6/10/13 1:30pm

Woman Lives Out Revenge Fantasy, Shames Cheating Partner With a Big-Ass…

They say that when you're upset with someone, it sometimes helps to put your feelings down in a letter, wait a day for your mood to calm down and then decide if you want to send it. What most people don't know is that this advice can be slightly modified: If you're upset with someone, write it down and then turn… » 3/21/13 10:50am 3/21/13 10:50am

How to Devastate and Destroy Your Nemeses: Post Ugly Pictures of Them…

Whoa, if you've been innocently posting photos on Facebook as a means of conveying what a fun time you and your friends had at the beach, you're doin' it all wrong. According to a somewhat crazy sounding survey, many women are posting unflattering photos of their friends online as a means of getting back at them. Gee,… » 7/03/12 10:00am 7/03/12 10:00am

Madeleine Stowe Quietly Plots Her Revenge

MONACO - JUNE 12: Madeleine Stowe poses for a portrait session during the 52nd Monte Carlo TV Festival on June 12, 2012 in Monaco, Monaco. (Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images) » 6/12/12 10:30pm 6/12/12 10:30pm

Woman Puts Menstrual Blood in Her Boss's Coffee, Ruins His Mornings…

If you thought putting shit in someone's food was the nastiest possible way to get revenge, think again. A woman named Jumiah in Singapore took things to a whole new level when she put some of her menstrual blood in her boss's coffee. Why don't we all take a minute to say "Ahhhhhuckuggthhhuuh" as we realize that, yes,… » 5/23/12 10:50am 5/23/12 10:50am

Woman Dentist Gets Back at Ex-Boyfriend By Pulling Out All His Teeth…

If you'd just broken up with a dentist, you probably wouldn't go back to her office for help with a toothache a few days later—what with all the sharp objects and opportunities for inflicting pain. And yet, for some reason, that is exactly what Marek Olszewski of Poland did. But rather than get revenge by just being a… » 4/29/12 8:55pm 4/29/12 8:55pm

Revenge Will End With a Cliffhanger and May Never Return

Even though the show has a strong fan base, it hasn't yet been promised a second season. Series creator/executive producer Mike Kelley says: "If we're lucky enough to get a second season, we'll be teasing another giant event that will be resolved in some way midway through the season, followed by the aftermath of… » 3/12/12 3:45pm 3/12/12 3:45pm

Rabid Revenge Fans Have Actually Had An Effect On The Storyline

Our favorite juicy melodrama, Revenge, landed the new cover of Entertainment Weekly, and the cover story features lots of spoiler-y goodness: Are certain baddies returning? Yep. Is a certain love triangle getting steamier? Yep. But even more interesting is The Hollywood Reporter's interview with writer and executive… » 1/19/12 7:15pm 1/19/12 7:15pm

Of All The New Ladycentric Programming, Revenge Is The Best

It took a while for me to get there, but now I am fully absorbed in the frothy, sexy, taut and ridiculous melodrama that is ABC's Revenge. » 1/05/12 4:40pm 1/05/12 4:40pm