Army Doctor Tortured Pigs, Simulated Date Rape For 'Experiments'

Dr. John Henry Hagmann, a retired Army lieutenant colonel who now teaches soldiers and military medical personnel, has been suspended for a series of deeply fucked-up-sounding experiments that involved torturing live pigs and dosing his students with ketamine and alcohol, then forcing them to perform dubious, highly… »6/10/15 10:00am6/10/15 10:00am


Durst Denied Bail, Also Eyed In 1971 Case of Missing Vermont Teen

The long arm of the law is finally drawing Scooby Doo villain Robert Durst into its halfhearted embrace: a New Orleans judge denied Durst bail on Monday, ruling that he's a flight risk. Prosecutors said that when Durst was arrested in New Orleans on March 14, they found a .38-caliber revolver, a latex mask, and a map… »3/24/15 9:50am3/24/15 9:50am

Egyptian Government Issues Apology, Will Likely Continue Treating Women Like Garbage

In response to international outcry over a photo of a female protester getting her clothing ripped off as she was dragged through the streets of Cairo, the Egyptian government has finally dropped the "they were provoking us!" act an issued an apology. The military junta in charge of the government has vowed to root… »12/21/11 3:30pm12/21/11 3:30pm

White Tiger Cubs Make Squeaky Noises, Lick Cages, Win Hearts

It's only Wednesday, but that doesn't mean we can't give you a little Hump Day critter cuteness. Three white tigers were born last month at the Shirotori Zoo in western Japan. (The newbies don't have names yet; any suggestions?) These dudes are virtually extinct in the wild, but there are seven in residence at the… »6/25/08 4:20pm6/25/08 4:20pm