Parents and Daughter Reunited 17 Years After Abduction

It's entirely possible that one day you'll find yourself walking by your long lost sister on a college campus. That's what happened to Zephany Nurse in South Africa. » 2/28/15 6:15pm 2/28/15 6:15pm

Coming Soon: Gilmore Girls and Dawson's Creek Reunions

Fun news: A Gilmore Girls reunion is happening next year, and a Dawson's Creek reunion is sort of happening, eventually. #TBT in action. » 11/13/14 2:50pm 11/13/14 2:50pm

I Can't Believe There Was a Hey Dude Cast Reunion and I MISSED IT

Hey Dude was my very first favorite show. I'm not counting cartoons and Sesame Street and stuff, because that's just ON when you're a kid and you don't really choose it. Hey Dude's the first show where I remember seeing commercials for it on Nickelodeon, thinking to myself, "Oh, yeah. That is my kind of show," and… » 6/14/14 5:30pm 6/14/14 5:30pm

The Spice Girls Performed Onstage Together and the Universe Didn't…

Well, the Olympics are over and now all that's standing between you and another bittersweet Labor Day weekend is "Shark Week," and maybe a few hurricane scares along the Gulf Coast. Since "Shark Week" will be the same thing every year until James Cameron finally send his submersible deep into the Mariana Trench to… » 8/12/12 8:45pm 8/12/12 8:45pm

Did Ray-J and Whitney Houston Quarrel Before Her Death?

Whitney Houston and Ray-J were spotted having dinner together last week in Los Angeles, fueling rumors that the 48-year-old Houston had been planning a comeback in the weeks leading up to her death yesterday afternoon. The BBC's David Willis explained that though some people close to Houston believed she was making a… » 2/12/12 2:01pm 2/12/12 2:01pm

After 77 Years Of Waiting, A 94-Year-Old Woman Finally Meets The Baby…

It seems almost impossible that you could be separated from someone for 77 years, and then all of a sudden, with a single lucky phone call, they could be back in your life. But that's exactly what happened to Minka Disbrow. » 1/02/12 5:15pm 1/02/12 5:15pm

Cast Of The Princess Bride Can't Escape The Movie's Quotable Lines

As part of Good Morning America's "80s Week," the morning show reunited the cast of The Princess Bride. (The part of the cast that's still living. RIP André the Giant and Peter Falk!) The actors chatted about how often their famously quotable lines come back to haunt them, with Cary Elwes, who played Westley,… » 10/07/11 6:15pm 10/07/11 6:15pm

Cameron Diaz Doesn't Give A Shit About Her High School Peeps

"I have never been to a reunion. I just really don't feel the need to let anybody know what the hell I am doing because they can pretty much tell what I am doing all day. I really don't care. The people I want to know are there in my life already and if not I can do the Facebook thing that people do, where they upload… » 4/19/11 11:11am 4/19/11 11:11am