Motown Version of 'Shake It Off' Is More Tolerable Than the Original

Postmodern Jukebox performed a Motown-inspired cover of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" with Von Smith, and it's considerably less annoying than the original, which has only burrowed into your brain thanks to a diabolical pop formula concocted in the underground lair of Max Martin and Johan "Shellback" Schuster. But I… » 10/09/14 12:50pm 10/09/14 12:50pm

These Vintage National Enquirer Covers Are Hilarious

It's been a big week for The National Enquirer (the magazine that I once got sent home for reading at school). The publication broke the news that Ellen's house is possibly haunted and alerted faithful readers to a big secret that Jimmy Fallon doesn't want you to know (he loves his wife and child!). And if that wasn't… » 3/03/14 4:15pm 3/03/14 4:15pm

Taste Test From Hell: We Cooked a Bunch of Gross Recipes From the '50s

Few things are more luridly delightful than midcentury food porn—fishy Jell-Os, mayonnaise frosting, all canned everything, foods ground up and then moulded into the shapes of other foods. If you've ever flipped through your grandma's post-war Betty Crocker cookbook, then you know what I'm grimacing about. These are… » 2/25/14 3:40pm 2/25/14 3:40pm

Celebrity Diet Stories of 1929 Just as Depressing as Today's

As previously mentioned, back issues of Photoplay have been archived online. A quick flip through of the January 1929 issue revealed a piece that feels chillingly current: It warns that women are putting their lives at risk when they try to be as skinny as Hollywood stars. We've been talking about this shit for 84… » 9/04/13 4:05pm 9/04/13 4:05pm