At What Point Does A Love Of Shopping Turn Into Full-Blown Addiction?

A recent episode of MTV's documentary series True Life focused on two young women who are such compulsive shoppers that their credit, their relationships, and their lives are at risk. One of the girls featured doesn't pay her bills and instead shops every day, buying lots of cheap crap she doesn't need, just so she… »7/21/08 11:00am7/21/08 11:00am

"Financial Infidelity": Save The Economy But Wreck Your Marriage

Meet Tara Padua Wise. Tara shops at the same store twice a week, throws away receipts, refuses bags, cuts off tags when her husband isn't looking and pretends that everything she owns, her husband already knew about. She likes to shop, hates to budget, and doesn't think it's the biggest deal that she lies to her… »6/23/08 2:00pm6/23/08 2:00pm

"I Went Home, Grabbed Some Spraypaint, Took The Train Back And Waited Until 4am To Climb The Scaffolding."

I'm still a little bitter over the months I spent making $9 an hour clearing out their dressing rooms, but I have to credit the ethically exploitative, generically-trendhumping corporate paradox that is American Apparel for its ceaseless bloggy news flow. Just last week, the company ran a New York Times ad advocating… »12/28/07 1:30pm12/28/07 1:30pm

If Coach Is Selling So Many Bags, How Come Everyone's Selling Its Stock?

In general, the best shopping advice is not to shop at all. But if that's not good enough for you, I can always babble on about about margins and marketing long enough for you to forget why you wanted that frivolous piece of commodity fetishist crap in the first place. In this space I'll try to solve some of the… »10/24/07 12:30pm10/24/07 12:30pm