Katie Holmes Maybe, Possibly, Walked In On Tom Cruise Extramaritally…

"This celebrity couple is close to a final agreement over how everything – including the child/ren – is going to be divided in the divorce. However, the wife's legal team is having her keep one chip in her pocket for the divorce trial. If the husband's team tries any last-minute maneuvering, the wife is not afraid to… » 7/03/12 9:00am 7/03/12 9:00am

Judge Forces Abusive Asshole to Apologize to Wife on Facebook

In June of 2011, a Cincinnati woman was granted a temporary order of protection against her husband, who was found guilty of domestic abuse. In November of 2011, that abusive dickwad posted wrote a nasty, passive aggressive Facebook post about his estranged wife. And now, a judge has ruled that the post violated the… » 2/22/12 7:15pm 2/22/12 7:15pm

Lutfi-ngali Scarier Than Anyone Honestly Thought

Sam Lutfi's never exactly seemed like a stand-up guy in Britney's fucked-up life, but at least he wasn't one of the ones who was sleeping with her and never seemed to let her drive. Well, it turns out he might've been the worst of the worst. According to documents filed by Lynne Spears (and released this afternoon) in… » 2/05/08 5:15pm 2/05/08 5:15pm