Guy Fieri's New Menu Offers a 52-oz Bloody Mary Garnished with Sausage

It appears that Guy Fieri, Clown Prince of Flavortown, is in the breakfast game now, and he's taken to it like a duck wearing backwards sunglasses riding a skateboard through a lake of flames. The menu at Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Grill includes "Dragon's Breath Chili Cornbread Benedict," "Chicken Fried Bacon… » 8/01/14 8:30pm Yesterday 8:30pm

Women Don't Need Restaurants for Women, Just Give Us the Goddamn Steak

Yo, Ladies™! Huddle up. Grab a backwards chair. (Now turn it around and sit on it RIGHT, YOU SHAMELESS HUSSIES. Ladies™ don't straddle.) It's time for some serious LadyTalk™. If you're a Lady™, like me, you've definitely run into this problem: It's dinnertime. You're starving. You haven't eaten since your morning cup… » 5/09/14 2:50pm 5/09/14 2:50pm

Maybe Don't Bring Your Baby to 3-Star Restaurant

Over the weekend, a couple brought their eight month old child to Alinea, a Chicago restaurant headed by Chef Grant Achatz that has 3 Michelin stars. Alinea is considered one of the best restaurants in the country/world, and is heralded for its complex prix fixe tasting menu that runs over $200 and is purchased with… » 1/14/14 11:20am 1/14/14 11:20am

Gordon Ramsey Swears at Adults, Children, Animals, Vegetables, Etc.

Someone (someone awesome/probably mean) thought it was a good idea to put famously angry tong and fork-wielding man Gordon Ramsey on a reality competition show featuring child contestants. Swearing (predictably) ensued. For the aid of joke-conveyance, I will be capitalizing and asterisking all cooking related puns… » 10/02/13 11:30am 10/02/13 11:30am

Hooters' Embarrassing Plan to Appeal to the Ladies Is Sort of Working

It's been almost exactly six months since Hooters announced their stupid plan to make the "breastaurant" chain more woman friendly by changing the decor and adding fresher ingredients to the menu and guess what? The plan is working! WE'RE THE STUPID ONES, HAHAHA. BRING ME TO HOOTERS! I HEAR THEY HAVE OUTDOOR PATIOS… » 3/12/13 11:45am 3/12/13 11:45am

Sorry, Internet, But There Is No Simple Formula For Producing Perfectly…

By now, you've no doubt seen the viral story about the Washington state family, who, after dining out Italian with their three young pods aged 2, 3, and 8, received a bill with a $4 "well-behaved kids" discount and some free ice cream as a reward. The Internet, in love with a simple platitude that purports to explain… » 2/10/13 11:00am 2/10/13 11:00am

'Female-Friendly' Steak House Thinks Ladies Eat Meat by Fellating It

Here's the most nouveau riche crap you've seen in awhile. This commercial for STK restaurants is just... it's the sort of thing someone who made a lot of money selling mc mansions would make. Just super fucking tacky, and attempting to "wink" at the viewer, but failing miserably. The takeaway here is: STK. It's AXE… » 2/01/13 12:40pm 2/01/13 12:40pm

Waitresses Sue Former Employer for Forcing Them to Party With Male…

Show me a woman who works in the service industry and doesn't have horror stories about being treated like crap by her male employers/coworkers/customers and I'll show you my winning Powerball jackpot ticket. Is it surprising that three former servers who used to work at La Fogata, a Mexican restaurant and bar in… » 12/12/12 1:05pm 12/12/12 1:05pm