‘Catching Up On Sleep’ Isn’t a Thing and Your Circadian Clock Will Punish You If You Try It

Researchers have some fun new info to share with us about the circadian cuckoo clock within each of us that's just waiting to blast our hearts out of our chests if we mess with its timing too much — we can't fool the circadian clock because the circadian clock is wise to all of our various subterfuges. For instance,… »9/11/12 11:55pm9/11/12 11:55pm

Lost Dog Waits Patiently for Two Days at Rest Stop Until His Owner Finds Him

Are you ready to have your heartstrings pulled so tight they might pop clean off and leave your heart floating unmoored in your chest? Here goes: a little 9-month-old Yorkie named Rambo got separated from his owner at a rest stop in Missouri, and rather than dart off into the night in search of a more exciting life,… »6/06/12 10:00pm6/06/12 10:00pm

Barely Awake Right Now? Perhaps You Work in One of the Most Sleep-Deprived Professions.

Feeling a little tired today, like you didn't get enough sleep last night? Maybe you have your job to blame. Sleepy's, the chain of mattress stores with an irritatingly memorable jingle, analyzed data from the National Health Interview Survey done by the CDC and determined the most and least sleep deprived… »2/28/12 11:00am2/28/12 11:00am