No, Dascha Polanco Didn't Abandon Her Cats in a Taped-Up Box

Recently, The Hollywood Gossip reported that actress Dascha Polanco (Orange Is The New Black's Daya) abandoned two adult cats she'd adopted to make room for some adorable kittens. What an awful person, you may be thinking. But a little sleuthing has revealed that this juicy tidbit of gossip probably isn't true. So… »2/11/15 1:40pm2/11/15 1:40pm


Horrifying: Couple Starved Kids, Chained Them to Floor as Punishment

Authorities in Monterey County, CA rescued three children from an abusive home late last week. The police came to the home to do a wellness check after the children —who were homeschooled— failed to appear at an unspecified appointment. What they found at the home of Eraca Dawn Craig, a former counselor, and Christian… »3/22/14 2:30pm3/22/14 2:30pm

Firefighters Save Adorable Baby Fox, Adorably Want to Keep It

Firefighters from Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Station in Maryland found a mascot that's way more adorable (and likely more even-tempered) than a Dalmatian on Tuesday when they rescued a baby fox (eep!) that was trapped in a storm drain, wailing for its mom. It was all very Fox and Hound, minus Copper, the farm,… »5/02/13 11:20pm5/02/13 11:20pm

Gabby Giffords' Husband Rescues Baby Sea Lion, Is the Cory Booker of the West

Okay. So it's official. Former astronaut Mark Kelly—husband of gun control advocate and former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords—is literally the Cory Booker of outer space. He was caught on video Saturday wresting a defenseless baby sea lion (I don't know if you've seen enough pictures of a baby sea lion, but… »3/26/13 2:20pm3/26/13 2:20pm

These Orphaned Siberian Tiger Cubs Are the Most Majestic Babies

When this Siberian Tiger cub's mother was killed by poachers in November, he and his two siblings were rescued by scientists and kept safe until their release in the Russian Far East. The tale of the rescue is fascinating; the scientists have to keep the cubs wary of humans so they can reacclimate to the wild — and so… »2/04/13 11:00pm2/04/13 11:00pm

Tiny Elephant Is the Baby Jessica of the Animal Kingdom

Hello, dear ones. I hate to break it to you, but it is indeed the start of the work week and there is a chance that you will face some uphill battles in the days/life to come. Maybe you will have to deal with a passive aggressive boss; maybe the shipment you needed won't come in on time; maybe it's a new quarter and a… »10/22/12 10:25am10/22/12 10:25am

Turkish Divers Accidentally Save an Inflatable Sex Doll from Drowning

A beautiful day at the beach briefly turned horrific before it turned hilarious — seaside residents in Turkey's northern Samsun province panicked and called police when they noticed what seemed like a body floating in the Black Sea. Alarums were raised. Boats were commandeered. Somewhere, trembling along in his house,… »9/23/12 8:45pm9/23/12 8:45pm

Your Morning Swoon: Mayor Cory Booker Races Into Burning Building to Save Woman's Life

Let it be known that hero du jour Ryan Gosling is officially on notice. He's just been upstaged in the superhero department in a major way: Last night, Newark's awesome Mayor Cory Booker ran into a burning house and saved the life of a woman trapped inside! MEGASWOON. But wait until you hear the details. It's like… »4/13/12 9:30am4/13/12 9:30am

Hero Breaks Up Subway Fight in Best Possible Way, By Eating Chips

One minute, these two are in a vicious fight on a subway train—kicking and screaming and everything—and then a strong, silent type walks between them and stops the battle instantly using his amazing super power... Eating chips? Yes. It's Chip Man to the rescue! Who is this (un)masked man? And why are his chips so… »4/10/12 10:20am4/10/12 10:20am

British Woman Rescued in the Pacific Confirms that the Ocean Is Still Scary

Jane Hitchins, one of the crew members rescued from a Western Australia racing yacht 400 miles off the coast of California, has described the rogue wave that rose out of the Pacific Ocean to crush the 68-foot vessel and leave members of its 18-person crew injured, terrified, and probably less cavalier about the might… »4/07/12 5:00pm4/07/12 5:00pm

Guy Who Sings 'Someone Like You' in the Subway Pulls a Man Off the Tracks and Saves His Life

Remember the guy who sang such a beautiful rendition of Adele's "Someone Like You" in the New York City subway? Well, now we've got word that he not only sings beautifully, he's also a genuine hero. One of our readers reports that she was in the 86th Street station about 10:30 this morning when the singing man—whom… »2/27/12 9:00pm2/27/12 9:00pm

Woman Adopts Cat That Turns Out to Be a Real Life-Saver

Usually when someone adopts a pet, we say the animal got lucky, but in the case of one Wisconsin woman, it's the other way around. The cat she adopted ended up saving her life the very first night she brought him home. It all began when Amy Jung took her son Ethan to the Door County Humane society a few weeks ago just… »2/22/12 9:00pm2/22/12 9:00pm