A Collection of Very Dumb Republican Thoughts on the Brexit

Yesterday, the UK voted—essentially by accident, both on the part of the pompous drip who called the referendum and the voters who didn’t bother to learn what it meant—to exit the European Union. Today, David Cameron resigned, the pound plunged to its lowest level since 1985, global financial markets plummeted, and …

Resentful Florida Teen Will Seek Senate Reelection After All, and Honestly, Why Do You Guys Even Care, Go Away

“I have only said like 1000 times I will be a private citizen in January,” failed Republican presidential candidate and agitated ninth grader Marco Rubio tweeted approximately one month ago, in response to a Washington Post story that suggested he was unsure about his political future. On Wednesday, the Washington…

Samantha Bee Poetically Bludgeons the 'Party of Lincoln,' Who 'Died Peacefully of Natural Causes'

On the latest episode of Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, our host took a beautiful rhetorical dump on the Republican Party, whose comrades in the Senate recently rejected four extremely sane measures restricting gun sales one week after 49 people were murdered in an Orlando gay club.

After All That, Corey Lewandowski Has Been Fired From the Trump Campaign 

The New York Times reports that Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, best known for having battery charges pressed against him by Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields (charges that were later dropped) and for having a history of misogynistic behavior, has finally—some might say belatedly—been punted from…

Chris Christie Continues Humiliating Himself, Allegedly Picks Up Trump’s McDonald’s Orders

No one has played themselves in a more beautifully ironic fashion this election season than New Jersey governor and hopelessly devoted Bruce Springsteen fan Chris Christie, who has mostly abandoned his post as a vindictive, wildly unpopular political bully to serve as Donald Trump’s (and, by extension, the media’s)…

Watch a Republican Congressional Candidate Cock a Gun and Drink Sweet Tea to Get Elected

We’re in an election season where “political outsider” is the highest possible compliment, an indicator that you have nothing to do with those unethical slimeballs down in Washington. But those slimeballs down in Washington like “political outsiders” too, which is why they throw so much money at getting them elected.

Donald Trump Congratulates Donald Trump For 'Breaking the Glass Ceiling' In Construction Industry

Sputum-filled Orange Julius Donald Trump appeared on Fox News Monday night, to carry out one of his blitzkrieg attacks on both American ideals and the English language. He also found time to mention that he, personally, is responsible for women’s success in the construction industry. Who else, right?


Which Extremely Transphobic Texas Politician's Tweet Is Worse? 

As you may have heard, Obama recently instructed public schools to allow transgender students to use whichever bathroom aligns with their gender identity. Republicans—for whom bathroom activities are evidently paramount—will not stand for this, because they are nothing if not valiant protectors of women, and also…