Rick Santorum Gets Glitter Bombed by the Gay Menace

Two jaunty young people glitter bombed Rick Santorum yesterday because, well, he pretty much had in coming. While the former Senator from Pennsylvania was trying very hard not to seem heartbroken at his loss in the South Carolina Republican Primary, two protesters threw glitter at him and screamed, "Occupy!" with just… » 1/22/12 12:00pm 1/22/12 12:00pm

Hank Williams Jr. Pains Our Ears, And Our Brains

  • Hank Williams Jr., who we started studiously ignoring after he murdered our national anthem during a Palin rally, has decided that he's not quite done with being part of a losing campaign and will challenge Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander in the primary for the 2010 race. [Politico]
  • Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Cindy…
» 11/25/08 6:30pm 11/25/08 6:30pm