Women in California and Oregon Will be Able to Get Birth Control Directly From Pharmacists 

Two new laws in California and Oregon will allow women to forgo with a visit to the gynecologist in order to obtain a prescription for birth control. The New York Times reports that in the next few months, women will be able to get a prescription for contraception directly from a pharmacist. »Sunday 1:30pm11/22/15 1:30pm


A Day in the Life of a Teen Mom in Feminist Utopia

The excerpt below comes from The Feminist Utopia Project, an anthology of essays and art that imagines what a feminist world could look like, featuring contributions by Melissa Harris-Perry and Sheila Heti. Writer Gloria Malone lays out a fictional schedule for a young parent, with a simplicity that makes a radically… »10/26/15 1:30pm10/26/15 1:30pm

California Assembly Passes Bill Requiring Pregnancy Centers to Lie Less

The California Assembly has passed AB 775, the Reproductive FACT Act, which will make it harder for crisis pregnancy centers to actively mislead their clients. The act requires that CPCs post notices disclosing that they don’t have medical licenses; licensed medical facilities will post notices that California has… »5/27/15 11:10am5/27/15 11:10am

Why Are Marriage Rights Expanding While Reproductive Rights Contract?

Jill Lepore, ranked #1 in the United States for building arguments so clear as to require no scaffolding whatsoever, wrote a masterful piece in the New Yorker this week about the Supreme Court cases that have shaped the course of reproductive and marriage freedom in America—one path continually embattled and at best… »5/20/15 12:50pm5/20/15 12:50pm

Two Big Frauds: I Pretended to Be Pregnant at a Crisis Pregnancy Center

As an Infertile-American (at least, according to a doctor that one time—and, as you know, doctors are infallible) I have the luxury of never becoming pregnant. I’ve failed every pregnancy test I’ve ever taken with flying colors. I’ve never experienced the abject fear of knowing my body is filled with unwanted life.… »5/14/15 12:10pm5/14/15 12:10pm

Satanic Temple: 72-Hour Abortion Waiting Period is Against Our Religion

Continuing their streak of being the best, smartest, and most compassionate trolls in America, the Satanic Temple is arguing that a Missouri law requiring a 72-hour waiting period before a woman can have an abortion violates their religious faith. They’re callling on Missouri to waive the waiting period for one of… »5/01/15 3:00pm5/01/15 3:00pm

For the third time, the Ohio House has passed an abortion ban that would make the procedure illegal

For the third time, the Ohio House has passed an abortion ban that would make the procedure illegal once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, or as early as six weeks. Both the governor and much of the Senate have expressed strong opposition to the bill, though, making it unlikely to ever become law. »3/25/15 5:30pm3/25/15 5:30pm