Women Are Reporting on Syria. They're Just Not Bragging About It.

Feminist commentator Jill Filipovic was criticized last week for lamenting the lack of female voices in the conversation about Syria. Many women are speaking and writing about Syria, she pointed out in a Guardian article, "yet the media narrative centers the opinions and voices of male commentators. And actual Syrian… »9/17/13 11:00am9/17/13 11:00am


City Council Candidate Asked Female Reporter Why a 'Pretty Girl' Like Her Researched His Finances

Oh, wow: when a DNAinfo.com reporter recently asked City Council candidate Ed Hartzog about the $8,000 he's raised since he decided to run about a month ago — information that's listed on the New York City Campaign Finance Board website for all to see — Hartzog said, "What's a pretty girl like you doing reading those?" »1/22/13 6:45pm1/22/13 6:45pm

Networks Can't Afford To Report On Any More Actual News

While we've been thinking about the people of Japan, Egypt, and Libya, it seems we've forgotten the plight of those hit hardest by international upheaval: American journalists. The Wrap reports that with the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the political upheaval in the Middle East, news organizations may have… »3/30/11 12:30pm3/30/11 12:30pm