Concerned Female Reporter Can't Help But Notice Female Reporters Are Looking Awful Slutty Nowadays

With everything from birth control to equal pay under assault, it's never been more important that we, as women, tackle the issues that really matter to women today. Namely: are female politics reporters looking extra skanky nowadays, or what? How can we stop them before they rub their barely-hidden vaginas all over… »2/23/12 3:40pm

Fearless Journalist Breaks Ground By Reporting From Inside Facebook

Good Morning America raised the bar for morning show reporting today when they sent fearless journalist Yunji de Nies deep into the digital abyss. Let's congratulate this trailblazing, heroic reporter for her work and her ability to gain accesss to the inside of a facebook page. We're living in a real-life Matrix,… »6/22/11 10:00am