Updated Report Shows That the Media Gender Gap Is Still Enormous

The Women's Media Center has released an update to its annual State of the Media report; its findings are (as always) pretty grim. This year: out of 27,000 pieces of content — a category that includes "TV networks, newspapers, news wires, and online news sites" — reviewed for the study, 63.4 contributors were male.… »4/04/14 3:40pm4/04/14 3:40pm

New CDC Report Shows That Abortion Is on the Decline Thanks to More People (Correctly) Using Birth Control

According to the latest report from the CDC, U.S. abortions fell by five percent during the recession and its aftermath, a phenomenon that most likely, insist some researchers, owing to the greater diligence with which women use contraception during tough economic times. Though many states have unfortunately and… »11/22/12 3:30pm11/22/12 3:30pm

Birth Rates Are Falling; Soon America Will Consist of Only Three People and Four Billion Feral Cats

Americans still aren't having nearly enough babies, according to a government report released Wednesday, and we can all thank teenagers for the stubbornly low birth rate, which dipped for the fourth year in a row. 2011 saw a paltry four million births, though the drop-off (about one percent) wasn't as steep as the two… »10/03/12 9:30am10/03/12 9:30am

Teachers in the U.S. Seem to Be Getting a Raw Deal Compared to Teachers in the Rest of the Developed World

With news that public school students in Chicago have successfully goaded summer into an encore performance, the New York Times thought it'd be a really opportune time to ask current and prospective shapers of young minds: is being a teacher in the U.S. really worth all the bullshit? »9/12/12 6:00pm9/12/12 6:00pm