Ways the Media and Police Justify the Killing of Unarmed Black People

There is a prevailing notion in this country that when an unarmed black person is shot by the police, there must have been a valid reason. In the spirit of fairness, it doesn't even have to be at the hands of the police. Black victims are routinely put on trial in the media with an unspoken but clear suggestion that… »8/19/14 5:15pm8/19/14 5:15pm

The family of Renisha McBride, the black woman shot and killed by Theodore Wafer in 2013, has filed

The family of Renisha McBride, the black woman shot and killed by Theodore Wafer in 2013, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Wafer for $10 million, according to the Detroit Free Press. Wafer, convicted of second-degree murder this month, is "still shocked" by the verdict, says his lawyer. »8/19/14 4:37pm8/19/14 4:37pm

Renisha McBride's Shooter Wants a New Trial Judge, Blames Facebook

Theodore Wafer is requesting a new judge for his impending June trial in connection with the fatal shooting of Renisha McBride last year. Wafer is charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter and possession of a felony firearm after he shot McBride in the face when he found her on his porch in late one night in… »4/03/14 4:00pm4/03/14 4:00pm

Judge Rules That Renisha McBride's Killer Will Stand Trial

On Wednesday, Theodore Wafer, the man charged with second-degree murder in the killing of Renisha McBride on November 2, went before a judge in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. And as of this morning, that judge has ruled that there's enough evidence for Wafer, who is also charged with manslaughter and possession of a… »12/19/13 1:10pm12/19/13 1:10pm

Black Woman Shot to Death for Asking for Help in a White Neighborhood

Last Saturday morning at around 2:30am 19-year-old Renisha McBride got into a car accident in Dearborn Heights, a predominately white Detroit suburb. Because her cell phone battery was dead, she went to nearby home for assistance. That might seem like the reasonable and understandable thing to do, but it was the… »11/06/13 10:30pm11/06/13 10:30pm