Shocker: Lindsay Lohan Forgets to Show Up for Work on The Canyons

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, Lindsay Lohan's gotta blow off her obligations on the set of every single movie she's worked on for the last five years. In other words, if you play with fire, fire is probably gonna do drugs and drink Red Bull all night and wake up at 4 PM in a bed at the Four Seasons, trying to… »10/19/12 9:00am10/19/12 9:00am

Mob Wives Shines A Spotlight On La Cosa Nostra

Considering how invested Renee Graziano is in the mafia "lifestyle"—of which she adamantly repeats her disgust for "stool pigeons" and "rats"—it's incredibly bizarre that she would open up her world to reality TV cameras as part of Mob Wives, the new VH1 series that follows four Staten Island women who have to go it… »4/18/11 12:55pm4/18/11 12:55pm