These Celebs Went Christmas Ham on Instagram This Year

Another holiday, another reminder via Instagram that celebrities are kinda sorta not really just like us, but in some ways they are. Unlike Thanksgiving's embarrassment of riches, however, Christmas brought out some impulses of humility, with a lot of celebs showing off their families, their festivities, and their… »12/26/14 12:00pm12/26/14 12:00pm


Remy Ma's New Mixtape is a Real Bra Burner

In the late '00s, Bronx bruiser Remy Ma was on track to be rap queen of New York, but in 2008 she was sentenced to eight years in prison for shooting her friend in the stomach. (She thought said friend had stolen $3000 from her purse. The friend survived, but it was obviously a very ugly incident.) Remy was released… »11/02/14 4:00pm11/02/14 4:00pm