Do Women Really Lose Interest in Sex Over Time?

We've all heard plenty of hacky jokes made about the fact that women want to stop having sex after they've been in a relationship for a while, but men don't. Now there's some new research confirming that, in fact, there is a connection between the length of a relationship and the decline in a woman's desire for sex,… » 2/01/12 11:55pm 2/01/12 11:55pm

Go Ahead and Live in Sin! Science Says It's Okay

There are plenty of nice reasons to get married, but increasingly the basic experience of being married doesn't seem all that different from simply living together without ever making it legal—or living in sin, as our grandmothers like to call it. Now there's some new research that proves that the line between… » 1/19/12 11:00am 1/19/12 11:00am

Does This Relationship Make Me Look Fat?

A new study conducted by a UK diet pill manufacturer alleges that a woman's weight fluctuates through 5 stages while she's in relationship: Going on a diet to impress their new partner (-5 pounds), becoming more comfortable (+10 pounds), preparing for a wedding dress (-8 pounds), pregnancy (+14 pounds) and finally, a… » 10/16/08 1:30pm 10/16/08 1:30pm