The Most Embarrassing Person You've Ever Had Sex With

In a life full of sexual misadventures, not everyone you choose to have sex with is going to be a total winner. In some cases, your sexual partner might even be a complete embarrassment who you can't even tell your friends about, but you go through with it anyway because they're hot, you're horny or, hey, maybe… »1/16/15 6:20pm1/16/15 6:20pm

Chill Bro Very Angry That He Has to Pay Uber the $100 He Agreed To

How many emails have you received from Uber this week? Despite not having used the service for months, I got about five and they all said one thing: New Year's Eve is going to suck if you want a fast and cheap ride home. But one dude is so angry that he agreed to Uber's prices that he's calling out the company for… »1/01/15 3:00pm1/01/15 3:00pm

Women Are Hard Wired To Feel Bad About Being Sluts, Says Suspect Study

A new study claims that women are HARD WIRED regret casual sex whereas men are HARD WIRED to think random sex is great. This isn't because civilizations place high value on controlling female sexuality and humans are social creatures with an aversion to ostracization; this is because of SCIENCE. HARD WIRED SCIENCE. »11/26/13 7:00pm11/26/13 7:00pm

Don't Bother Feeling Regret, It Will Only Make You Miserable

There are countless proverbs that urge us not to feel regret—no use crying over spilled milk, etc. While feeling it may generally be considered a waste, since what's done is done, a new study published in Science found that learning to live without regret might also be the key to making sure you're not miserable when… »4/23/12 10:25am4/23/12 10:25am

Teenagers Sluttier Than Ever, And It's All Their Mothers' Fault

Continuing a long tradition of baseless alarmism and personal anecdotes woven into manufactured non-trends, this weekend's Wall Street Journal features a piece wherein the mother of a 13 year old girl simply cannot believe that the nation is letting its teenage daughters leave the house dressed like little harlots. … »3/20/11 1:52pm3/20/11 1:52pm