Kelly Ripa's Antiquated Social Extremism

"Any feminist out there that disagrees with me, I am sorry, but it's gone ridiculous now." So said Kelly Ripa this morning as she and Regis discussed dining etiquette. » 7/22/11 11:46am 7/22/11 11:46am

Chris Rock Has Seen Every Episode Of Hannah Montana

Today on Regis & Kelly, Chris Rock said that his two daughters decide what he'll watch on TV, which is why he's seen every episode of Hannah Montana. He adds, "I think Billy Ray Cyrus is an underrated actor." » 4/15/10 7:00pm 4/15/10 7:00pm

Project Runway's Kenley Cries On Regis & Kelly; Gets Group Hug

The final four contestants from Project Runway » 10/08/08 2:30pm 10/08/08 2:30pm appeared on this morning, and when producers showed clips of Kenley crying, she, well, cried. Korto tried to soothe her with a little side-hug, but Kelly suggested that all the contestants get a group hug from Regis. Regis (who is not a fan, since during the show he…

Regis Philbin Is The Real Enemy Of Your Lady Bits

Maybe you were lulled into the belief that Sarah Palin is the enemy of your uterus, but in reality, it's the sinister Regis Philbin who wants to banish the word from your television set! Today on Regis & Kelly » 9/04/08 6:00pm 9/04/08 6:00pm, 'ol Reeg was out and Jerry O'Connell was filling in. Kelly was groping for the word "uterus" and says that…