Several Designers Refused to Make Melissa McCarthy an Oscar Dress

One might think that designers would be falling all over themselves to dress a fan-favorite actress pretty much guaranteed to get red-carpet screen time and post-show magazine coverage. Apparently not! Two Oscars ago, Melissa McCarthy asked "five or six" designers to make her a dress—and they refused. » 6/04/14 7:00pm 6/04/14 7:00pm

Magazine Tells Moms To Lay Off Each Other Already

Crisis alert: America's experiencing a wave of mom-on-mom judgment. Moms can't walk down the street without getting eyeballed and evaluated by other mothers, and they can't resist doing the same in turn to other moms they encounter. It's gotten so bad that soon we may be able to replace the word "judge" with the word… » 11/30/11 5:30pm 11/30/11 5:30pm

Jenna Fischer Shares Insider Info On Hollywood's Weight Obsession

The Office star Jenna Fischer is Redbook's March 2011 coverlady. In inside, Fischer zeroes in on why actresses feel so much pressure to stay in shape. » 2/03/11 1:18pm 2/03/11 1:18pm

The Magazine That Refused To Put Kim Cattrall On Its Cover

Earlier today, we learned that Kim Cattrall nixed a hackneyed cover-photo concept involving posing with a cougar — and that the magazine, which the actress calls "a significant magazine for women over 40," nixed her cover in response. » 5/20/10 5:20pm 5/20/10 5:20pm

Tyra Turns To Fiction; Lady Gaga Will Take Your Questions Now

No Sex Please, We're Women's Magazines

It turns out that women's service magazines — what's left of the staid Seven Sisters — are rather, um, tight-lipped when it comes to sex, and advertisers like it that way. But the dirty Internet threatens this precious order. » 5/10/10 6:20pm 5/10/10 6:20pm

The Annotated Guide To Making Faith Hill 'Hot'

Redbook has a photo editor named Bruce Perez so we are going to be reverse-sexist and, instead of the magazine's female creative director, blame him for the fact that Faith Hill looks very Carrie Underwood on the cover of Redbook. » 4/01/10 8:00pm 4/01/10 8:00pm

Photoshop Of Horrors Hall Of Shame, 2000-2009

Slimmed thighs, whittled waists, smoothed skin: Digitally altered women were de rigueur in the 00s. There were many, many Photoshop Of Horrors images to choose from, but these are the 15 most egregious examples of image retouching in this decade. » 12/16/09 2:00pm 12/16/09 2:00pm

Does Carl Jung Still Matter?

The upcoming publication of Carl Jung's Red Book — a record of his fantasies and hallucinations during a sort of breakdown — has excited Jungians the world over. But is Jung still relevant today? » 9/17/09 12:00pm 9/17/09 12:00pm

Faith Hill's New Redbook Cover: Photoshopped Again!

As reported yesterday, notorious Photoshop-victim Faith Hill is gracing a trio of Redbook covers... as Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot, & Grace Kelly. Unfortunately, the mock-ups have no cover lines, so we added some electronic magic ourselves. » 4/23/09 2:00pm 4/23/09 2:00pm

Faith Hill Lets Redbook Alter Her Again

How did Redbook get Faith Hill back after that Photoshop of Horrors cover we unveiled (which Redbook's EIC called not a photo but an image)? They let her pose as other women. [WWD, People] » 4/22/09 9:45am 4/22/09 9:45am

Alert: Ladymags Down

O, The Oprah Magazine; Redbook; Teen Vogue; Glamour; Harper's Bazaar; W; Marie Claire, and Allure all reported double-digit declines in the second half of 2008. Which will survive 2009? [WWD] » 2/06/09 11:45am 2/06/09 11:45am

Top 10 Of 2008: Carrie Bradshaw, Cute Animals, & Creeps

It's that time: The Jezebel Top 10 of 2008 list. Inside: Celebs, Photoshop, Obama, Real Housewives, dating, Sex and the City, fashion, breastfeeding, and animals. Sounds good to us! The full list, after the jump. » 12/31/08 3:00pm 12/31/08 3:00pm

Yes, On Our Blog You Will

You probably heard, but the NY Times' 'Sunday Styles' section was chock-full of goodies this weekend. There was that surprisingly-unannoying 'Modern Love' column (gem of a passage: "As we ate, we theorized about the effects of pornography on romantic relationships. Dinner ended; he had to go pack for his trip. I asked… » 5/05/08 1:00pm 5/05/08 1:00pm

The New York Observer's "Off the Record" media column asked some of the editors of the so-called "seven sisters" magazines — which include Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, Good Housekeeping and Woman's Day — whether or not they would endorse Hillary Clinton, since they have always had a cozy relationship… » 1/31/08 2:45pm 1/31/08 2:45pm

Dear Huffington Post media critic Rachel Sklar: Thanks! We love you too! Dear Folio writer Dylan Stableford: What? No mention of Redbook's Photoshop chop of Faith Hill in your Year In Magazines feature? (Fuck InTouch.) Dude, we made the Today Show! What about the black hair controversy that had Glamour editor-in-chief… » 12/31/07 11:45am 12/31/07 11:45am

There's a video on Advertising Age about BLOGS STEALING CONTENT from magazines and OMG HOW THE MAGAZINES ARE GOING TO SURVIVE OUR PITILESS ASSAULT ON THEIR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and you don't really need to watch the video because I can sum it up thusly: many magazines simply do not deserve to exist. Seriously, when I… » 10/03/07 2:45pm 10/03/07 2:45pm

Fascism And Communism Are Bad For Fucking

Russia is full of cheap vodka and girls who look like Natalia Vodianova so fuck if I can understand why they need Hitler Youth type sex camps to get laid. This is fresh on the heels of the condom industry's discovery that the average Chinese loses his or her virginity at 22, so maybe it's a creeping… » 7/30/07 4:43pm 7/30/07 4:43pm

Dear Haters: Everyone Has Cellulite. We Consulted Our Ass

Dear Ad Age media critic Simon Dumenco,
We understand that because it took you an entire menstrual cycle to write about our Redbook cover expose, you kind of had to be "counterintuitive" and backlash to the backlash to the backlash or something. Calling us "self-righteous" is kinda weak, and pointing out that Faith… » 7/30/07 1:07pm 7/30/07 1:07pm

Faith Hill To Fan: Hands Off My Man's Junk!

Redbook cover "image" girl Faith Hill got all possessive of her man Tim McGraw while the two were performing together at a concert this weekend. Apparently some overly-excited fan grabbed Tim's package, which invited a chastising from Faith. "Somebody needs to teach you some class, my friend. You don't go grabbin'… » 7/30/07 12:30pm 7/30/07 12:30pm