Once Upon A Time There Was A Little Red Carpet

Look, no one's expecting Catherine Breillat-level insight from the new Red Riding Hood, but I'll totally see it. It looks potentially fun and a touch dark — and so was the premiere.
» 3/08/11 10:26am 3/08/11 10:26am

Was it my imagination, or was there a distinct White Stripes palette going on? Maybe when "red" is in the title, it's just too compelling …

Director Catherine Hardwicke's Kinky Thoughts On Red Riding Hood

Catherine Hardwicke didn't go to film school. She was an architecture student. But a gritty movie called Thirteen earned Hardwicke the directing award at Sundance in 2003, and suddenly, she was the "hot new filmmaker," at age 47. She cast Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in a little film called Twilight, and now… » 2/28/11 5:22pm 2/28/11 5:22pm