Science Finally Has Good Health News! Red Meat Will Totally, Probably Not Kill You

When news of a fancypants, cosmopolitan European study about the imminent health dangers of using your stomach as a processed meats repository, you most likely reacted the same way you do to all breaking-news health reports: you panicked, impetuously removing all of the meat-stuffs from your fridge and tossing them… »3/19/13 11:25am3/19/13 11:25am

Obesity Linked to Dementia; Obesity Studies Linked to Shitty Behavior

Great! Just what fat people need. A Korean study released this week links high BMI and high levels of abdominal fat to "lower cognitive function" and dementia later in life. So now anti-fat crusaders can be sure to let fat people know that they're not just fat and lazy and disgusting, they're also fucking stupid!… »3/22/12 7:00pm3/22/12 7:00pm