New Study Shows Red Meat May Lead to Breast Cancer

Red meat has long been linked to pancreatic and colon cancer but now there’s a fresh threat. For those who enjoy a good, juicy hamburger or a well-cooked steak, a new study says those meals could be increasing your chances of developing breast cancer. » 6/11/14 5:10pm 6/11/14 5:10pm

Science Finally Has Good Health News! Red Meat Will Totally, Probably…

When news of a fancypants, cosmopolitan European study about the imminent health dangers of using your stomach as a processed meats repository, you most likely reacted the same way you do to all breaking-news health reports: you panicked, impetuously removing all of the meat-stuffs from your fridge and tossing them… » 3/19/13 11:25am 3/19/13 11:25am

Obesity Linked to Dementia; Obesity Studies Linked to Shitty Behavior

Great! Just what fat people need. A Korean study released this week links high BMI and high levels of abdominal fat to "lower cognitive function" and dementia later in life. So now anti-fat crusaders can be sure to let fat people know that they're not just fat and lazy and disgusting, they're also fucking stupid!… » 3/22/12 7:00pm 3/22/12 7:00pm

Bacon Will Totally Kill You

Sorry, Woody Allen. It's the future, and red meat is still bad for you. According to a new study, even a little bit will make you die sooner. And bacon is especially fatal. » 3/13/12 9:40am 3/13/12 9:40am

Details Editor Says Men's Magazines Better Than Women's

"Just look at the features in men's magazines. They're often much meatier than the fare you find in women's magazines. What does that tell you? That guys aren't afraid to spend an hour reading a great piece of writing." [MediaBistro] » 12/10/09 10:40am 12/10/09 10:40am