Red Bull Aficionado Holds 3 People at Knifepoint, Forces Them to Buy Him Red Bull

Let no one ever tell you that an addiction to Red Bull isn’t dangerous. One man, 26-year-old Eddie Johnson of New Jersey, is about to do some hard time due to his uncontrollable affinity for the drink—and also the fact that he straight-up threatened to shoot people if they didn’t buy it for him. »9/17/15 6:30pm9/17/15 6:30pm


Energy Drinks Still Popular With College Students, Probably Because They Haven't Tried Adderall Yet

Despite the health concerns that have arisen after several different energy drinks have been cited in a bunch of deaths, college kids are apparently still totally willing to risk their lives in order to stay awake to cram for finals (or party). It would appear that the ad whizzes at Red Bull got it right when they… »12/19/12 3:30pm12/19/12 3:30pm