Women Are Still Losing Jobs in the Public Sector

A pretty blah jobs report came out today: the economy only added 80,000 jobs in June, and the unemployment rate is still stuck at 8.2 percent. If you're wondering what that means for women, the National Women's Law Center analyzed June's jobs data and found that women lost 17,000 public sector jobs while men gained… » 7/06/12 5:00pm 7/06/12 5:00pm

Aimee Copeland, Victim of Flesh-Eating Bacteria, Is Finally Able to…

There's some good news in the case of Aimee Copeland, the 24-year-old woman in Georgia who came down with a horrifying case of necrotizing fasciitis (NF) that started after a flesh-eating bacteria called Aeromonas hydrophila infected a gash in her leg. She first cut her leg on May 1st, and several days later she was… » 5/28/12 8:45pm 5/28/12 8:45pm

Everyone Waiting Until The Economy Isn't Crappy to Get Divorced and…

Over the last 4 years or so, a backlog of angry, resentful couples too poor to divorce has been building. Meanwhile, scores of fertile but financially hesitant women have been revving their ovaries, waiting until the economic picture rights itself before introducing an expensive baby into the family. As soon as this… » 1/27/12 6:50pm 1/27/12 6:50pm

Job Prospects For Women Improve From 'Shit' to 'Crap'

On the heels of the "man-cession" is the "he-covery," two neologisms similar in that they both pertain to men's economic prospects during the last few years and they're both irritating as hell. Despite the fact that for every three new jobs in 2011, two went to men, it now looks like women and men are back to being… » 1/10/12 1:35pm 1/10/12 1:35pm

Economy Forcing Men To Lower Themselves & Take Awful Ladyjobs

Remember the recession (or, alternately: he-cession, or man-cession, or The Great American Economic Cockblock) when no one could shut up about how men were losing their jobs in droves and ladies were the only people gainfully employed? Well, banish those obnoxious neologisms from your vocabulary right this instant—… » 1/03/12 2:00pm 1/03/12 2:00pm

Gabrielle Giffords' Incredible TV Interview

Last night TV viewers had an unusual choice. By flipping between two networks' primetime news magazine shows, they got to see that absolute worst and best of America. While NBC's Rock Center featured former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky suggesting that kids might have made up their abuse claims, ABC's 20/20 had… » 11/15/11 11:35am 11/15/11 11:35am

Gabrielle Giffords Tweets Birthday Message To Husband

In her first public words since the Arizona shooting, today Gabrielle Giffords Tweeted birthday wishes to her husband Mark Kelly and his twin brother Scott, who is currently commanding the International Space Station. » 2/21/11 11:45pm 2/21/11 11:45pm

Gabrielle Giffords Recovering "At Lightning Speed," Says Husband

Yesterday on the one-month anniversary of the shooting in Tucson, Mark Kelly posted this update on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' Facebook page: » 2/09/11 10:47am 2/09/11 10:47am

Women Fare Worse In Economic Recovery

Men have supposedly fared worse in the recent recession — but some measures show that in the kinda-sorta-maybe recovery, it's women who are actually losing out. » 1/21/11 3:28pm 1/21/11 3:28pm

Another Perspective On Women And Addiction

The very public struggles with substance abuse of the rich and famous make addiction seem like a problem of excess suffered by the affluent. But what if the woman struggling with substance abuse is right in front of you? » 1/09/11 3:20pm 1/09/11 3:20pm

The He-Cession Led To A He-Covery

Since men make up more than half of the participants in the labor market (and make more money), they were unsurprisingly harder hit by the recession. Surprisingly, though, they're now better off during the recovery than many women. » 5/15/10 5:40pm 5/15/10 5:40pm

In Treatment: 12 Steps To Save American Apparel From Itself

American Apparel has done it again, and while they're probably doing an ironic top rock at their continued ability to rile the Man, we think it's time for an intervention. So here we go, kids: our suggested AA 12-step program: » 9/02/09 3:20pm 9/02/09 3:20pm

Does This Look Like Mental Health Counseling To You?

Mount Bachelor Academy in Oregon is a school for teens with behavioral issues, including violence, falling grades and drug use. One of its "therapeutic" techniques reportedly involves sexual role-playing, including costuming young women like this. » 4/17/09 6:00pm 4/17/09 6:00pm

In Treatment: Drug-Addicted Mothers Try Coming Clean

What if, instead of punishing drug-addicted mothers, we approached substance abuse like an illness that needed treatment? Oddly enough, it seems to work! » 4/14/09 2:00pm 4/14/09 2:00pm

Sexploits: "Why Couldn’t I Stop Chasing Sex, No Matter The…

"I had skipped my friend’s wedding and driven more than two hours to hook up with a drunk stranger who was cheating on his boyfriend." "Modern Love" takes on sex addiction, with eye-opening results. » 1/05/09 2:20pm 1/05/09 2:20pm